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10 Best baby nail clippers reviewed by our experts 

I think all parents will agree that there is nothing more important than your child’s well-being. All parents try to do their job the best way possible so that the kids stay healthy and happy. When it comes to kids’ hygiene, there is one thing I want to have a closer look at.  All of us know that baby nails are a really important topic. When I just had my first baby I noticed how long his nails were and how tiny his fingers were.

As a new parent, I was nervous and a little afraid we had to cut his nails for the first time. In order to make this routine process quick and pleasant for both, mum and baby,  it is essential to have the best “equipment” possible. Today I want to highlight all the pros and cons of different nail clipper models and help you to get a full understanding of what would be the best option for you. 

So get yourself a nice cup of tea and prepare to choose the best baby nail clippers  in 2020. 

Pros of using baby nail trimmer

I know that many people, especially those who are about to become parents for the first time have never heard that there is such thing as a baby nail trimmer. I totally understand you! I’ve been there. The main difference between adult and baby models is mostly design. Kids accessories are made that way so they are super easy to hold in hand,  and really gentle and yet really effective. So, when you use it there are zero chances that you can hurt your little one. To sum up, you will benefit from having to baby your nail clippers because:

The design is specially made to be suitable for tiny child nails and make sure you won’t cut soft baby skin

The most comfortable design for mom and dad

Long lasting and very effective

Bright and playful design

Affordable and worth buying

Personally, I believe, that a nail clipper is an essential thing, that every family expecting or having a baby should own. 

Below I’ve gathered the best models available on the market,  so you can choose the most suitable option for you. 

 Prior to making a perfect purchase, let’s have a closer look at what are the major types of baby trimmers that are available on the market. They differ in their style, some have more options, some need an AAA battery,  and of course, the price varies. 

I guess it would be right for you to think about what type of clippers you are more interested in and then to choose the perfect model.

1. Electronic models of baby nail clippers                    

    This is a huge category of baby nail clippers which main advantage is safety and the speed. If you are among those mums and dad who want to do this job was the speed of light without worrying about child safety, probably this is the best option for you. I believe that this type of nail clipper is much easier to use compared to ordinary scissors. Another great benefit is that you will get a huge set of the various adjustable head to make the baby manicure the best way possible. Plus that this said will last forever as this type is unbelievably reliable and needs on a regular battery

2. Magnifying glass as a useful accessory of baby nail clipper. 

  The biggest problem moms and dads usually have, when cutting nails,  is the fact that these baby nails are extremely tiny and some people can’t actually see what to cut. More, don’t forget that children usually don’t sit still, and the whole nail- the cutting process becomes a nightmare. That is the exact reason why manufacturers invented nail clippers with a magnifying glass attached to makes the whole process a lot easier and more pleasant for both,  baby and parents.

3. Baby nail scissors

And is your last category but the most popular one is regular nail clipper,  we all are used to. It is obvious that baby nails are not as thick as adult ones,  here is my special baby nail clippers would be of great help. However, there are different models and designs that have them available on the market so you can choose which style suits you more. 

Best baby finger nail clippers reviewed by our team in 2020

As you might know, the market for baby products is full of all types of goods. It is the same with nail clippers. You can find millions of styles, models, manufacturers, etc. In order to not get overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices, we’ve done the research for you. Blue with compiled only the best high-quality nail clippers available. These devices are absolutely amazing and will definitely help you to make the best choice possible. 

Don’t have time to read ? Here’s a quick review with pros and cons to save your time.

NamePhotoWhy we like this modelPrice
Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipperbest baby nail clippers- bamboo handle
- silicon thumb rest
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Fansidi Electric Baby Nail Clipperbest baby nail clippers- Great set of nail filers
- 4 working modes
- Super safe and stress-free user experience
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Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifierbest baby nail clippers- Magnifying glass
- Stainless steel razors
- Great to hold in hand
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Summer Nail Clipper Setbest baby nail clippers- Very sharp for easy and fast clipping
- Complete sad for kids and their parents
- Last for many years
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Simba Baby Safety Scissorsbe best baby nail clippersst baby nail clippers- Beautiful design
- Scissors , not clippers
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Baby Nail Kit by ARRNEWbest baby nail clippers- Full set of necessary manicure tools
-Easy to store and transport
- Perfect as a present
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Safety 1st Nail Clippersbest baby nail clippers- easy to carry (foldable)
- Wide handle which provides a soft touch
- ergonomic design which provides max comfort when cutting
- pack of 2
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Frida Baby Nail Setbest baby nail clippers- curve karting head
- Peak Hole( to see what are you doing)
-specially designed Handle
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Baby nail file electric manicure setbest baby nail clippers- Beautiful ,ergonomic design
- A lot of manicure heads
- High quality
- All family members can use it
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Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipperbest baby nail clippers- Great value for money
- Durable and reliable design
- Easy to use
- Ergonomic design
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1. Rhoost Deluxe baby fingernail clippers

 best baby nail clippersDon’t forget that a good grip is essential when it comes to cutting your baby’s nails. When you’re choosing RHOOST nail clippers you choose 100% safety. add to this chic and colorful design. This clipper comes in 4 outstanding colors. This is actually great as your kid will be distracted by a shiny, bright thing in mom’s or dad’s hands. I love that this nail clipper’s base is made from bamboo. It makes it look nice smooth and very durable. The handle is great too. You shouldn’t worry that your hand will sleep and you will hurt your little one. There is a great silicone non-sleeping place for a thumb rest. And if, for some reason, you won’t like this product, feel free to give it back and get a 100% money back.

Why we liked it:

– bamboo handle

– silicon thumb rest

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2. Fansidi Upgraded Safe Baby Nail File- baby nail file electric

 best baby nail clippersWell, Well, Well… this is a fantastic electric nail clipping said that can be used easily. If you want the best for your little one, Fantasy is the best choice for you. I love this option as it is so great and easy to use for first -time parents. As for me cutting my child’s nails for the first time was a nerve-racking experience. And this device makes it so much easier. To you make it work you need regular AAA batteries. Parents agree that this is the top device for baby nails available to purchase. What makes it stand out among other devices? First of all, it has a great set of six filers and you can choose from four different working modes.  Together this makes the whole nail-cutting experience easy and pleasant for both kids and parents. No need to worry about cutting your precious little one’s skin,  all you need to do is turn this on and enjoy the process.

Why we liked it:

– Great set of nail filers

– 4 working modes

-Super safe and stress-free user experience

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3. The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe baby safety nail clippers with Magnifier

best baby nail clippersIf you’re among those parents who are looking for the best nail clipper option; if you find it important for the nail clipping device to be both great when holding in hands and very sharp, this model is for you. In addition to perfect cutting function, this model has a magnifying glass and it’s a lifesaver. It helps to see baby nails clearly and to make the perfect cut so your baby stays comfortable and relaxed.

If you are a parent you definitely need to consider this option as it has a lot to offer, not just the magnifying glass. You get the most quality nail clipper made from stainless steel. As you probably know this material lasts for ages staying as sharp as new. In my opinion,  this is a fantastic option to managing your child’s nails in a stress-free atmosphere.


Why we liked it:

– Magnifying glass

– Stainless steel razors

– Great to hold in hand

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4. Summer baby clipper Set, Teal/White

best baby nail clippersThis is a great set of clippers that contains both devices for babies and for parents. They’re made with metal Razors which provide maximum comfort as their sharpness helps adults to cut baby nails as fast as possible.  Both nail clippers are of exceptional quality and there is no need to worry that you might need to buy another pair in a year or two. This is a wonderful option for people who want to have met your nail clippers for kids and themselves. On the other hand, it’s a great deal to buy a set and not to worry about adult hands and feet. 

Why we liked it:

– Very sharp for easy and fast clipping

– Complete sad for kids and their parents

– Last for many years

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5. Simba Baby Safety Scissors

be best baby nail clippersst baby nail clippersThis is a great option in case you don’t like nail clippers and searching for a safe pair of scissors. These pair is designed to be perfect for children of different age. So for all parents who just feel uncomfortable working with nail clippers seen by nail scissors is a great solution. Using old school scissors will give your child an opportunity to relax, pay attention to colorful pictures on them. You can relax a little bit too and perform baby manicure at a slower speed. Overall this pair of scissors will give you more comfort during this everyday routine.

Why we liked it:

– Beautiful design

– Scissors, not clippers


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6. Baby Nail Kit by ARRNEW

best baby nail clippersThis is a wonderful manicure set for infants and toddlers. Its significant feature is the case. Only take a look at the wonderful place that includes all the necessary tools you might need to perform a wonderful baby manicure. You can easily store it in the commode or a baby closet when you’re not using it. As it is packed pretty good you don’t have to worry about losing anything. you will find in the set a pair of adorable scissors, tiny tweezers, and a nail filer. All these tools will ensure that you will take great care of your baby’s nails. Overall,  if you’re looking for the best set which includes all tools a baby manicure requires it would be a wonderful choice. Also, it would be ideal as a present for a parent to be. 


Why we liked it

– Full set of necessary manicure tools

-Easy to store and transport

– Perfect as a present

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7. Safety 1stSteady Fold-Up newborn nail clippers, Raspberry, 2-Count

best baby nail clippersAbove with already highlighted one of the products of this brand. Like the previous one, this model is of exceptional quality and you can expect it to last for a long time. You will find a lot of useful features in this model which make it a perfect buy. It is especially great because of its design, that will ensure you gently cut your baby nails with zero chances for hurting your little one’s fingers. Overall, this is a fantastic buy. It’s the functional design and great quality make it stand out among other options. 




What we liked:

– Easy to carry (foldable)

– A wide handle which provides a soft touch

– Ergonomic design provides max  comfort when cutting 

– Pack of 2

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8. Frida Baby Nailfrida The Snippercl Ipper Set

best baby nail clippersThis would be a perfect choice for everyone who is looking for a traditional nail trimmer. It has an ordinary baby nail clipper design, yet it’s really safe when it comes to performing your Child’s manicure. Also I would say that this is a really affordable option for a relatively small price you will get a very durable nail clipper design.  Basically this model will last you for ages. One of the best options for families who want to take the manicure set with you whenever you go. whether it is a travel case or a small one day trip. 

What we liked:

– Curve karting head

– Peak Hole( to see what are you doing)

-Specially Designed Handle 

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9. Best baby nail file electric nail trimmer manicure set 

best baby nail clippersThis is great baby manicure said it would be a great buy for those, who are looking for an electric manicure set. I think this one is especially great because it can be used for both mothers and kids. And that would be especially grateful ladies who don’t have enough time to go to the salon but still want to look neat. This particular option goes with a great variety of heads and it is possible to use it for different ages. In my opinion, quality is what makes this option standout out, along with it you will get up to date design, and soft, nice to touch handle. Together these features will make this a great buy and a wonderful gift idea. A little bit about are the features: you don’t have to worry about batteries as their life is really long-lasting, also add to this ergonomic handle which makes it easy to hold. Another great thing is that manicure heads rotate in different directions, this allows us to do the best baby manicure possible. Overall, this would be a great option if you’re looking for something to keep your kids’ hands in great shape as well as use it yourself to keep your manicure look fresh and new.

 What we like

– Beautiful, ergonomic design

– A lot of manicure heads

– High quality

– All family members can use it

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10. Safety first nail clippers Sleepy Baby 

best baby nail clippersThis is a well-known brand in the baby products industry. When it comes to trimming tiny baby nails you can trust it without a doubt.

This outstanding model of baby nail clippers is ideal for kids of different ages. Starting from newborns and grown-up kids. Its ergonomic design enables it to cut baby nails fast and effectively without tears and tantrums. It has outstanding features such as bright LED light and sharp cutting edge.

Another great thing about this clipper is its soft handle that helps to avoid mishandling and as a result, heavily damages the child’s softest skin. When buying safety 1st sleepy baby nail clippers there is no need to worry about the possibility to hurt your little one. 

Just so mad this is a great option when you’re looking for a super safe lasting and effective nail clipper for your precious baby

What we like:

Great value for money

Durable and reliable design

Easy to use

Ergonomic design 

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What to consider when choosing a great baby nail clipper

They’re essential features you should pay attention to when choosing baby clippers

When making a decision to buy a baby nail clipper, pay attention to its design. Sharp parts should be really gentle and have a perfect cut to ensure you cut only the nail , and the soft skin on fingers stays safe. You don’t want to cause pain that is why it is essential to choose quality baby accessories.

Maximum attention to the safe cut 

Make sure you pick only trustworthy brands

Safety is the number one priority

Keep in mind that cutting baby nails is a tough task. You need to make a quick, smooth, and precise cut. Be mindful that your baby nail clippers should be made from stainless steel. This material is considered to be the safest,  in case you make slide nicks on the skin this material will ensure you that there won’t be any bacteria issues.

Price matters

We all like making reasonable purchases.  I’m pretty sure you have your budget, you’re ready to spend on a nail clipper. To make a quick decision you can go through all the prices, then select your favorites in the perfect price range. This way it will be much easier to choose your pick. 

Make your nail clipper even better

If you’re experiencing problems catching baby nails you might consider purchasing nail clippers with led lights,  it will definitely make the whole process much easier. You can also use a table lamp and ask your partner to hold a magnifying glass for you. These are small tips you can use to make a perfect and super safe cut.

Small tips on how to trim baby nails with zero stress


If you have doubts about how to cut clip baby nails, these are small tips that might help you. 

Make sure you find the most comfortable place: 

It is essential to find a good comfortable position when trimming tiny baby nails. In my personal opinion, the best place to perform this procedure is a high chair, some models have an option to unfold and place the baby in a horizontal position. don’t forget to fasten the seatbelt to make sure your little one is safe. 

Get a strong light

The result would be much better if you make sure you see tiny nails. Instead of cutting nails in the Dim light we strongly recommend using a good bright table lamp or any other good source of light. Obviously , if the light isn’t good enough, parents can face difficulties cutting tiny, precious baby nails. it even can cause injuries. So if there is no access to a good lamp, we recommend performing this procedure during the day. 

Make the after-bath routine

The best time for trimming baby nails is when they are the softest.  Usually, nails are like this after a good, warm, relaxing bath. Moreover, water time makes your little one relaxed and raises your chances to do everything quick and safe. 

Final words

You’ve just read the full guide would you get us all the necessary information and descriptions of the best baby nail clippers available on the market now.  as you can see the choice is pretty wide and I hope you will choose what is best for you and for your little angel.  We wish you a good day and a stressfree nail trimming time.