Today, all the children have their own baby spoons for self feeding. The parents offer the fruit purées and mashed vegetables starting from 4-5 months. The main purpose is to teach the baby use the spoon like the adults do. Firstly the babies will play with the spoons and try to chew it. In this case you need to choose the top-quality silicone material. Then after getting used to spoon, your baby tries to copy your jests. So you can use the method “two hands”. It means that you feed your baby with the spoon, but at the same time give him to hold it. Later your baby will try to pick up some food from the bowl and reach the mouth. The spoon should be perfectly designed for your baby’s hand, not too heavy, not too light, with certain length of the handle and softness of the tip. Only in such way your baby will sharpen the skills of self-feeding. The best choice will be the set of spoons. It lets you to understand what kind of spoon your baby needs.

So here are top 10 best baby feeding  spoons to help you to make a right decision.

1.Monee BABY Spoons

The main feature of these spoons is dual-purpose. They help in eating and serve as a teether. The spoons look stylish due to small bears on the handle of each spoon. So your baby can play with it, while you’re preparing the food. The spoon is made of soft and gentle materials with no Phthalates and BPA. This brand of baby spoons is famous and approved by thousand of parents. Monee baby spoons are well-known for the highest standards and premium-quality materials. The handle is designed exactly for small hand. Your child won’t have problems in trying self-feeding with the help of the soft tip. Also, Monee baby spoons are good for keeping the self-feeding. If you get used to warming up the baby food in microwave, don’t be afraid to use this spoon. It is made of durable and long-lasting silicone. Dishwasher can be used with no worries.

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If your child is only introduced to the food, the best choice is the NumNum Pre-spoon. It helps your toddler to eat almost every type of food and hold the spoon with no problems. These two spoons are perfectly designed to prepare your toddler for using the utensils. The spoon ONE is used by children who never used the spoons before. It has light weight and made of top-quality silicone without phthalates. This spoon has particular texture that helps your children to use the spoon easily and take enough food as they need. The NumNumspoon1 is usually used with thin and liquid dishes, like first baby food. When you see, that your baby is doing the best with first spoon, you can go to spoon TWO. The second NumNum spoon has hole in the middle. So how does it work? It captures the food and hold in it due to the surface tension. These spoons can be washed with water and small amount of baby soap.

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3.BEABAFirst Stage Baby Feeding Spoon Set

This spoon set is the best variant to try self-feeding. The materials of the spoon are health-friendly with no BPA and phthalates. So you should not be worry cleaning it in a dishwasher. The silicone tip helps to scrap purées or cereals out of bowls, plates and jars. When a baby sees this spoon, we guarantee, that he’ll be interested in self-feeding. Bright colors and nice design stimulates the child to hold it by himself. Comfortable handle with light weight allows your baby to operate this spoon easily and quickly. It will be a good preparing for using utensils, because these spoons develop motor skills. The ideal size of the scoop makes eating the food easier for your baby. This spoon has no metal on it, so it is chewable and doesn’t hurt the gentle gums. The BEABA First Stage Baby Feeding Spoon Set is a famous brand and best-seller on the market. So it will be a right decision to spend your money on this great baby spoon.

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4.Munchkin Soft-tip Infant spoon

This product has 12 items perfectly designed for your baby. The materials are not dangerous for the health. It’s made of high quality durable plastic. The spoons have wonderful colors, so eating the first food will be exciting. The soft rounded tips gently take care about baby’s sensitive gums. The length of the spoons perfectly fits to every kind of jar or bowl. The handle of the spoon is long, so it’s comfortable to hold it both by parent and the child. Munchkin Soft-tip Infant spoon is reliable spoon that serves you for long time. Besides, it’s pretty easy to maintain its clearness. This spoon can be washed in dishwasher with no problem. The price is friendly, so everyone can buy this ideal set. If you’re looking for cheap but top-quality product, these spoons will be an ideal choice for you.

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5.OlababySilicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon

Each parent dreams about the day when their children start eating by themselves. So the Olababy Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon becomes your best friend. The most important advantage of this spoon is promoting the self-feeding. The particular design of the spoon helps your baby to hold it easily in small hand and be confident in eating. The Olababy Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon is made of top food-grade silicone and BPA-free, so you should not be worry about your baby’s health. It can also work as a good teether. The materials are soft and won’t hurt your baby’s gums. The spoon has a leaf shape so the flexible tip allows your baby to scoop every type of food to the last byte. This spoon is durable and has non-slip grip. This spoon costs a bit more than regular spoons for children, but don’t economize. It’s absolutely the best choice for you and your lovely child.

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6.NUKGerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons set

It comes in a pack in different colors. The main difference of this spoon is the support feature. When you put the spoon down on the table, it doesn’t touch the surface with the tip. The particular construction of the spoon allows you to avoid the mess on the table and also helps your baby eat the food without wasting it. It’s very lightweight, that’s why it’s easy to hold even for toddlers. The handle is designed not to slip off the baby’s hands. This is the best spoon to train feeding and to keep self-eating. It’s easy to clean, everything you need is to put it into dishwasher. The materials are solid and not dangerous for the health. The tip of the spoon is soft and gentle. It’s important if your baby has sensitive gums. This product is perfect, if you’re looking for durable spoons, because it serves you for long time.

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7.Sperric First Stage baby Spoon

Sperric First Stage baby Spoon includes 5 spoons with neutral colors. It’s made of 100% silicone BPA free. It has soft tip that allows you to wipe baby’s mouth off without hurting it. The spatula of the spoon and the length of the handle help you to get all the bites of the food from the deepest jars and bowls. As you know, all the toddlers like to nibble everything, because they have cutting teeth. This spoon can help your baby to ease this process and serve as a gentle teether. Also if you’re looking for spoons to try self-feeding, this set will be ideal for you and your baby. It’s very light and easy to hold. The handle is designed for small hands, so your child won’t have any problems. The silicone durable material allows you to clean these spoons in dishwasher and don’t worry about toxics emission.

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8.KirecooSoft tip Baby Spoons Set

When the children are learning to eat, they should have their own cutlery. So the set of spoons is must-have product in your kitchen. The materials of the spoons should be durable and long-lasting, because all the children like to throw everything on the floor. And if you stop the feeding process — get ready to tears and shouts. The best way out is buying the Kirecoo Soft tip Baby Spoons Set. The handle of the spoon is flexible and can’t slip out the hand. This spoon can be used both for purées and solid food. The soft tip is absolutely safe for delicate gums. The handles are ergonomic and comfortable for moms and their babies. The pleasant colors of the spoon set allow you to keep interest during tasting new food. The top-quality and BPA free, phthalates free materials of the spoon make this product best-seller among parents. You will never regret after buying this ideal set.

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9.First Essentials by NUKKiddy Cutlery Spoon Set

If you plan to spend your money on reliable product, First Essentials by NUK Kiddy Cutlery Spoon Set is for you. In comparison with other baby spoons, this one is made of stainless steel, which extends the service life and protects the baby health from harmful toxics. The handle is perfect both for moms and toddlers. The support feature lets you to avoid mess on the table. This spoon teaches your baby to eat the food quickly and without your help. It’s pretty easy to clean. You can use regular baby detergent or dishwasher. First Essentials by NUK Kiddy Cutlery Spoon Set does not include BPA or phthalates. The handle is made of silicone and do not let your child to slip it out. The set consists of three spoons so you can change it whenever you need without interrupting the feeding process. The colors are perfect as for boys and girls.

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10.OXO Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon

When your baby is already big enough to change from breastfeeding to baby food, you will certainly need special spoons that will be comfortable and safe for both of you. Masters of OXO Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon created a wonderful product. They used top-quality silicone, stainless steel and soft plastic, which is gentle on baby’s sensitive gums and mouth. The long handle of the spoon makes it convenient to feed the baby. The soft tip allows you to scoop the food into the mouth. It’s absolutely dishwasher-free, that helps you to save time in washing. The great advantage of this product is a plastic case. It helps you to prevent the baby spoon from getting dirty during transportation. You can easily take it for walking in the park as well as for long trips. The plastic case also serves as a protection from breaking up in your bag.

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Here are the main features you should pay attention on when choosing best baby utensils.

  • Material

The material plays one of the important roles in choosing the right spoon for your baby. Phthalates and BPA can cause health problems or gum inflammations. You can buy plastic spoon, but be attentive with other materials. Silicone is considered to be the safest and durable material for baby spoon.

  • Size

Try to choose the proper size for your baby. If it is bigger than your baby’s mouth, it will lead to problems with self-feeding. Your child won’t be able to operate this spoon as quickly as with smaller one. Pay attention on length and width of the handle. You need to scoop all the food from the deepest bowls.

  • Price

Another essential point to consider is the price. When parents have a baby, there are lots of things they need to buy. Sometimes they try to economize, but not with best baby spoons and bowls. Try to find a compromise between price and quality, and make a right choice.

  • Type

Before buying the spoons, you need to define the aim. There are 2 types of spoons. One is for parents to feed their babies. Another is for self-feeding. But there are lots of variants on the market like sets. It will be good for those parents, who plan to try self-feeding.