The best yarn for baby blanket in 2020


So you’ve decided to make a beautiful baby blanket yourself and I bet you’re wondering what should you start with. If I’m correct this article would be a great advisor to choose the best yarn for baby blanket. I truly believe that handmade things are the most valuable first of all because they symbolize all the love and nice feelings you have for the person you are about to make a present. If we’re talking about knitting a baby blanket, without a doubt,  the whole process is absolutely magical. Because the person you’re thinking in the moment of knitting is either your precious child or the kid obviously cares too much. While knitting you would probably have the kindest, most loving thoughts.

I’m pretty sure you want to produce the best blanket possible so that your little precious one would feel warm in winter and cozy during summer evenings, add to this Best Pillows for kids., and your child would have the best time in his little crib. In order to make THE perfect gift, it is essential to choose the best yarn that is available on the market. As a mom, I’ve made a research on the market been to some stores, and prepared probably the best lists of the most quality yarns available. I’ve gathered all the information in this article and I truly hope you find the best option for you.

To make the right decision there are some issues you have to consider prior to making a purchase. First of all, let’s talk about essentials. As all of us know, infants and young children might be rather messy with all the food they like to carry around the house, on the other hand, you obviously want your blanket to be both lightweight like a feather and keep your beloved one warm. Taking into consideration all of the above the yarn  we’re looking for should be:

⁃       soft and cuddly

⁃       Washable

⁃       You don’t want it to shed

⁃       Perfect for temperatures in your region

Questions you must answer first:

Is the best baby yarn easily washable?

It’s a well-known fact that taking care of babies is hard work. Usually, parents want to do the best job possible and if the blanket you’re knitted is a masterpiece but it requires hand wash there is a high chance a new mom would not have enough time to take proper care of it. And your blanket might end up in the bottom of the closet drawer. But we don’t want that, right? We want to make this blanket so cool, that your precious little child will take it to bed for many years. For this particular reason, I strongly recommend choosing linen, cotton, and some types of washable wool yarns.

Don’t forget the team in superwash wall requires to be treated carefully. That’s why we are going to look for yarns that will survive high-temperature Washings and tumble dry if they will accidentally get in the washing machine with everyday clothes.

Do you think young parents will like the chosen soft yarn for a baby blanket?

Let’s be honest while you’re knitting a blanket for a precious baby,  but it’s the mother who is going to take care of a child for at least a few first years. For this particular reason, it would be great to consider parents style preferences in colors, look, and fabrics.

So you should not be worried to ask future mom and dad about their style preferences, this will ensure you that you’ll make a perfect gift for all family members.

Consider your budget when buying yarn for a baby blanket

The market for baby yarns is so huge. You can find yarn for any price. I have reviewed all kinds of them in this article before buying it you should do all calculations and think what is the most affordable option for you. As you know some line and in premium, wool options are quite pricey why you can find more affordable cotton and acrylic ones. And price doesn’t always define quality. Cheap options are of great quality as well.

Wool sensitivity when choosing soft baby yarn?

Is a warm and soft material but it sometimes can cause sensitivity and rash.  The baby is still in my stomach it is practically impossible to see where does the wool sensitivity will accuse. However,  this type of issues tends to be common among family members. So don’t hesitate to ask future parents.

How to calculate the amount yarn for baby blankets?

I hate how uncertain this answer is, but: it really depends! If you’re using thin chunky yarn there might be enough to buy two balls. If you’re choosing lightweight yarn then it might take up to nine balls. Also, the knitting technique might require extra material. Personally I prefer not to hoard a lot of product and if I feel that I would need more yarn I preferred to repurchase.

When is the baby due date?

You have probably heard that while babies are in their mommies tummy they are in a perfect place with the most comfortable temperature. And when they are born their little bodies need to adjust to our world.  It is essential to make the perfect blanket to keep them cozy and do your note overheated at the same time. So consider the time of the year the baby arrives. The wool blanket would be perfect for those winter ones, while summer kids might enjoy light cotton blankets. If parents are waiting for twins, it is always a great idea to consider buying  best baby monitor for twins

Overview on the best yarn for baby blanket crochet.

Considering all the above mentioned the variety of yards available on the market, you can find anything for any taste and pocket. But experienced knitters have agreed that the bamboo or cotton blend is the best option, another great idea is to use the mix of acrylic and cotton textures.

I like these choices for their characteristics such as washability stain resistance, hypoallergenic and last but not least be super soft and cuddly.

And now let’s have a closer look at my top 10 best yarns on the market in 2020.

 1    100% Baby Alpaca Yarn Skeins is one of the best soft yarn brands

best yarn for baby blanketNumber one is my choice when I’m going up for an expansive, luxurious, super soft, and incredibly warm blanket.  Moreover, it’s ideal for people, who value sustainability and cruelty-free products. This yarn is made from alpaca wool, which is gently cut during the whole year to make animals feel as much comfort as possible.

The wonderful choice of yarn comes in thirty-two shades, and the set consists of three high-quality balls of yarn, which makes it great for any knitting project. Another significant feature is the fact that the skeins are untangled from start to finish, it makes the knitting process easy and nice.

There is one thing about this product that upset me, this material can’t be machine-washed. In fact, you have to wash it by hand, in cool water without twisting before drying. This will make it last longer. Another option is dry cleaning. It is necessary to follow these washing rules to keep the blanket look as good as new for a long time. Money-back guarantee available

Short overview

  •  Recommended knitting needle: US 1-3 which is equivalent of 13-11 mm
  •  Length: 1 ball- 218 yards/199 m,
  •  3 balls – 654 yards/598 meters
  •  Yarn weight : 3 balls -5.28 ounces
  •    1 ball 1.76 ounces

What I liked:[table “2” not found /]

  •  Super soft, cuddly, luxurious thread
  •  Cruelty-free product
  • Choose from a wide range of colors

What I didn’t like:

  •   No machine wash
  •  Fuzziness might accrue
  •  Costy

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  2    5 Ball La Mia%100 Merino Wool Total 8.8 Oz- soft yarn for blankets

best yarn for baby blanket

This is another premium quality soft yarn for blankets made from merino wool. All wool lovers agree that this particular type of material Is easier to use while knitting due to its high elastic threads compared to other types of woolen products. But, unfortunately, ass all types of wool this one has to be dry cleaned or you would have to wash it by hands in cool water. And, for me, this is the biggest issue.

A little bit about this brand. This yarn is made in Turkey from 100% merino wool, and you can choose from a variety of nineteen colors. As the manufacturer uses a special technology this yarn is great for knitting. You won’t experience any issues fraying, splitting or any of other knitting problems as this yarn is great for working with it.

And there is no need to worry if you don’t like your purchase, as there is a 100% money-back guarantee provided by the seller

Short overview

  •  Weight of 1 BALL : 1.76 Oz (50g)
  •  Length of 1 BALL 191 Yards (175m)
  • Knitting Needle size: 2-2.5 mm
  •  Knitting Crochet Hook size: 2.5-3 mm

What I liked

·         Nice, soft yarn

·         Wide range of colors

·         Pleasure to knit with it

What I didn’t like

·         No machine wash

·         Might not be suitable for summer babies

·         Costy


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  3    Red Heart E400.1401 Love Yarn, Solid-  best softest yarns

best yarn for baby blanket

This option is easy to take care of, mostly because it is made of 100 % acrylic material. This type of softest yarns is one of the best options when it comes to making baby stuff. First of all, because it is made from super soft and cuddly yarn, which would be great for young babies. Another plus of this brand, that it has around 42 shades. It makes it easy to choose when you’re working on a knitting project. And the last, but not the least is that this material can be machine washed million times and will look as good as new. Isn’t this perfect for parents?

Though some experienced knitters mention, that this particular yarn can be a little challenging to work with. As during the work individual threads may fall into gaps. But if you slow down a little, and pay extra attention to this, in the end, you’ll get a lovely, softest, and easy to wash the blanket. I think it is totally worth the effort.

I guess it’s important to notice that this is an American made yarn. The company gets the best material from Albany. Red Heart is proudly working on providing the best material and customer service possible for more than 60 years.

Short overview

  • 1 SKEIN: 7 oz.
  • 1 SKEIN: 370 yards
  •  YARN WEIGHT: Medium weight 4-worsted
  •  Recommended Knitting Needle: 5 mm
  •  Crochet Hook: 6 mm

What I liked:

No worries about washings, cleaning can be done in the machine
·         Proudly produced in the USA

·         Nice and cozy

What I didn’t like:

·         Complicated to find the starting thread

·         Real colors vary from those shown online


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  4    Lion Brand Yarn 920-218 Babysoft Yarn

best yarn for baby blanket

Now we’re moving to one of my favorites- Lion Brand Yarns. This company has a product line called BabySoft. This is the blend of acrylic and polyamide softest yarns (60%/40%). This proportion is particularly great for something that would be in everyday use and will require often wash-ups. And it sounds pretty much like all types of baby things. The product comes in twenty-five shades, you can find both plain colors and options with patterns. As this is  a medium weight type of yarn- it would be extremely perfect for baby clothes or baby covers.

There are some things you’ll need to consider before buying. Firstly, that this yarn has a pearly thread in the blend. So in the end it will give a finished blanket a light sheen. It might not be up for everyone’s taste. Another issue, that this yarn cannot be bleached or ironed. However, it can be easily machine washed at high temperature and then dried in the



Short overview

  •  3 Light: DK, Light Worsted Yarn
  •   Solids: 5-Ounce (141g), 459 yd (420m)
  • Prints: 4-Ounce (113g), 367 yd (336m)

What I liked:

·         Can be washed and dried in the machine

·         Wide range of colors

·         Doesn’t fray, so it’s a great yarn to work with

What I didn’t like:

·         Shades might slightly differ from order to order

·         Think whether you’ll like shiny finish

·         You might experience tangling


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  5    Caron Jumbo Ombre Yarn, 12 Oz., 1 Ball baby yarn brands

best yarn for baby blanketOut next leader is an acrylic yarn that comes in many colorful and plain shades. This feature makes it a great option for creative knitting. With this kind of color range you can put all your creative ideas in life.

Another thing I adore about CARON JUMBO baby yarn brands is that it is a super soft material with a bit of a fuzz. This perfect combination makes it great for hugs and cuddles. Add to this a huge ball of yarn, and easiness in maintenance. All these makes it a great value for money

Most of the buyers are satisfied with the quality and value of these materials. Knitters describe it as an easy to use yarn that comes in various shades. However, if you don’t like your purchase- you can get your money back in no time


Short overview

  •  Gauge: 4 – Medium Worsted
  • Ball Size: 340g / 12 oz, 544 meters / 595 yards
  • Recommended Knitting Needle: 5 mm (U.S. 8)
  • Recommended Crochet Hook: 5 mm (U.S. H/8)

What I liked:

·         Big balls

·         Great to look after, machine wash and dry

·         Light and cuddly

What I didn’t like:

·         Might need to use bigger knitting hook

·         Rather thin


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6    Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Funny Prints

best yarn for baby blanket

This yarn is a leader in the yarn industry, and many knitters prefer it when it comes to making baby blankets and clothes. Mostly because of the quality of this one is high and there is a great variety of colors.

This particular line of yarns is great thanks to its softness and smooth texture. Another feature I absolutely love is that this brand has a certificate that states that there are no harmful adding in the yarn. It makes it safe for your precious ones. Add to this a possibility to be machine washed and a wide range of shades, that will help you to bring to life all your knitting ideas.

Now a few characteristics. This particular line is made from polyester. The production is based in China. There are balls that come in 2 sizes (100g and 300g). In some cases, there might be slight differences in colors, so I would consider buying the whole supply of yarn for your project at one time


Short overview

  • Gauge: #6
  •  Recommended Knit Needle Size: US 11 (8mm) for gauge: 8 sts x 13 rows = 4 (10 cm)
  • Crochet: size L-11 (8mm) hook for gauge 7 sc x 8 rows = 4” (10cm)
  • Meterage/Yardage: 256 yds / 234 m
  • Ball Weight: 10.5 oz./300 grams Super Bulky/Chenille Texture

What I liked:

·         Thread is fantastic! Pleasure to knit

·         Thread stays even

·         Big balls of yarn

What I didn’t like:

·         Sometimes you can face Knots

·         The yarn isn’t stretchy

·         Colors differ


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  7    Baby Soft Bamboo Cotton Yarn – Jubileeyarn – 4 Skeins

best yarn for baby blanketA great yarn option made from natural materials. This blend is made from a combination of cotton and bamboo fibers/ This makes Jubilee Yarn a  perfect, breathable option if you’re thinking to knit a great baby blanket.You can choose from thirteen bright and stylish colors.

This particular combination of bamboo and cotton makes it especially great for summer babies. As it would be a lightweight, silky, and smooth product. Using this yarn you will make a great gift for new parents and a little baby. Breathable blanket, that would keep a baby warm and comfy during the day and night time / On top of that the yarn has antibacterial qualities, that prevent any bad smells and mold growing inside it, that makes it perfect when used by babies.

You might face some issues working with this yarn. Probably you will require to get a bigger number of balls, as this type of yarn is thinner than others, plus don’t forget to purchase smaller needles or a hook. Though products made from this.

Short overview

  • Gauge: #1
  • CONSISTS OF 50% Cotton 50% Bamboo
  • 50g / Skein = 280m / 306Yds
  •  Recommended Needle Size 2.25mm – 3.25mm

What I liked

·         Shades and yarn texture is great

·         No need to handwash

·         Great for warm months

What I didn’t like:

·         You might experience thread tangling

·         Balls are rather small


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  8    3 Ball Kartopu Amigurumi Total 10.5 Oz Each 1.76 Oz

best yarn for baby blanket

We’re moving to another brand Kartopu Amigurumi, which presents a blend of cotton and acryl (49/51%). This yarn is perfect for light baby blankets, your summer kids will benefit from having these. A huge plus is that this yarn can be easily machine washed and machine-dried. Another great benefit is the color range/ There are 22 shades, that can be easily mixed to get the most authentic look.

Now great news for experienced craftsmen. This particular yarn is great not only for blankets but for making knitted toys as well. Mostly because it doesn’t split, and gives you a chance to make a perfect stuffed toy.

A little bit about the company history. The founders started their company in 1952 and have been leaders on the market since then. This brand sells its high-quality yarns at home and provides them with export overseas. Another great thing is that you can be 100% sure you’ll get the best service and product possible, otherwise you can claim a full refund.

Short overview

  • 49% Turkish Cotton, 51% Acrylic
  •  3 Ball Total 5.28 Oz (150gr)
  • 1: BALL (SKEIN): 1.76 Oz (50g) / 142 Yards (130m)
  • YARN WEIGHT: No. 3 Light, Dk Worsted
  • KNITTING GAUGE: 10cm x 10cm = 25 Rows x 17sts
  • Recommended Knitting Needle: 3.5-4.5 mm (US 4-7)
  • Crochet Hook: 2.5-3.5 mm

What I liked

·         Pleasure to work with

·         Great to knit with

·         Wide range of shades

What I didn’t like:

·         Hard to choose shades on computer

·         Shades might differ

·         The cost is a bit high


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  9    Charmkey Baby Cotton Yarn

best yarn for baby blanket

This wonderful option would be a great choice for anyone planning to create a comfy baby blanket to use all year. When you finish, you’ll get an outstanding, soft, and cuddly gift that will be a sweet reminder for little baby of you. This yarn is great for people, who are not experienced knitters, as thread structure is ideal for beginners.

You will choose from nineteen vivid colors. You can choose either solid or mix shades. There is a little issue, you might need extra time to unravel the ball, but overall there are no problems with knots or tangles.

The end product can be machine washed and dried, but using only gentle settings.


Short overview

  • 4 Medium Weight (Worsted / Afghan / Aran / Triple Knit (rare) / Fisherman)
  • GAUGE – 16 stitches 26 rows= 4” (10 cm) on Size 8 US (6 UK, 5 mm) Needles
  •  45% Cotton, 55% Acrylic
  • Approx 1.58 oz (45 g), Approx 71 yd (65 m)
  • Thickness: 0.29 cm/ 0.11 in

What I liked

·         Really soft and cuddly

·         Pleasure to work with

·         Great for machine wash

What I didn’t like:

·         You might experience  filmy feel during knitting

·         Balls are quite small

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  10    Patons Grace Yarn, 1.75 Oz, 1 Ball

best yarn for baby blanketAnt the last, but not least option is Patos Grace Yarn, which presents natural, all-cotton bland. The feature of this yarn is that the manufacturer treats the cotton with a special liquid that gives it more luster. This process is called mercerizing, and it additionally makes the final product brighter and better water absorbing qualities.

There is a great range of 16 beautiful colors that can be easily mixed and matched together. I f you still have doubts, this option is in the middle between Bernart and Caron yarn, not as chunky as the first one nor as thin as the second one. It’s a pleasure to work with it, even for beginners.

One more recommendation. Paton grace yarn advises handing wash it and dry naturally. This is aimed to prevent discoloration.


Short overview

  •  Gauge: 3 Light
  • Ball Size: 50 g/1.75 oz, 125 m/136 yds
  • Knitting Gauge: 24 sts and 32 rows with a 3.75 mm (U.S. 5) knitting needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 21 sc and 24 rows with a 3.75 mm (U.S. F/5) crochet hook

What I liked :

·         Wonderful shades

·         Great for beginners

·         The product stays in great shape after several washes

What I didn’t like:

·         To avoid discoloration – handwash

·         Balls are not too big

·         Colors may differ a little

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Final words

I believe you had a great time and found valuable tips while reading this article. No matter what is your knitting goal, I think you’ll find the perfect yarn for your project. You can choose either lightweight cotton blends or luxurious wool. Luckily manufacturers provide a wide range of colors so that any knitting idea can become real! Good Luck with your wonderful crafts.