All the parents are usually bothered with picking the best hairbrush for their kids. The hairbrushes have a big impact on quality and texture of baby’s hair. They help the child head stay healthy and clean from the first days of life as well as keep the baby hair soft and tidy. So every parent should be sure while choosing the brush for the baby, because it plays the essential role in taking care of the child. There are a few companies on the market that do their work with high standards and have a clean slate. The main points you should pay attention while buying the hairbrush are top-quality and softness. All the babies are unique and have different growth, thickness and texture of the hair, so moms and dads need to treat it in good way.

Top 10 best hairbrushes for your children

1. Summer Brush and Comb

Summer Brush and Comb perfectly fits for all members of your family. The set has two items, so you can choose the brush depending on your purpose. This hairbrush takes care of the head fondly. You can easily untangle the hair of your baby with no pain as well as comb it after sleep with a help of a special section with wider teeth on the brush. It also has a fine-teeth section that is delicate and tender.

This product is budget-friendly so anyone can afford it. It’s very simple in cleaning. Water and small amount of shampoo or baby soap will keep your brush tidy and fresh as long as possible. The baby hairbrush goes in two sets.

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2.Baby Bath Silicone Brush by Fridababy

This brush was created for parents’ comfort and ease of use. It has an oval shape and feels right in your hand. As you know all the newborns has dry peeling skin, so Fridababy can help you to remove it with special antibacterial silicone material and suction cap. Gentle and soft bristles increase the hair growth stimulating the blood circulation. Due to the materials of this brush, you can’t hurt your child’s head.

Also it helps to keep the head clean and well-groomed for long period of time.  But don’t forget about hygiene rituals. This product is very easy to clean, just wash it with water and small amount of shampoo. The package includes two items. So you should not be worry about future problem of buying new hairbrush. Baby Bath Silicone Brush by Fridababy is an excellent choice for your family.

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3.Disney Baby Minnie Hair Brush and Wide Tooth Comb Set

Look at this hairbrush! Isn’t it lovely? Every little girl dreams about such hairbrush. It has the shape of Minnie mouse with adorable ears. Your daugher will feel like a princess using this wonderful hairbrush.

It has cute pink color and comfortable handle. You can have fun with you baby creating nice hairstyles. This hairbrush is perfectly used on wet hair, because the brush teeth are pretty large and gentle. The handle is durable and hard.

This fun hairbrush helps your children to love combing. Sometimes kids shout and cry when they need to be brushed.  But be sure, you won’t have such problems with this amazing hairbrush. Babies love bright colors, so combing will be like a game for your kid, even if you need to untangle the hair. This product goes in a set, so it’s a good chance to kill two birds with one brick.  This hairbrush never harms your baby’s head. So when your children become a little bit bigger, they can easily comb their hair by themselves.

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4.Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborn

This brush is so good that parents can absolutely trust it. Every child needs special treatment and love, so this top-quality wooden hairbrush helps you. Gentle and soft bristles massage the baby head and help to distribute the oil for better result. The big plus of this hairbrush is the decreasing of baldness areas on the baby head.

This product goes in a set, so if you have the elder children, they can easily use it too due to its size. If you used to lose the brushes all the time, don’t be worry. The hairbrush has a loop, so you can hang it on the wall not to lose. It’s good to use it along with shampoo for better result. Don’t forget to wash it with water every day, the hygiene is very important.

If you baby has a birthday party or another kind of event, this hairbrush is a perfect present. It has an adorable pack. The days of typical brushes are gone, so you can choose upgraded and stunning design of baby hairbrush.

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5.Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush for Newborns & Toddlers

This premium-quality brush is made of natural materials such as wood and eco bristles. It doesn’t hurt the gentle skin of the baby head, so it’s an ideal option to avoid the cradle cap. This brush helps to prevent any types of rashes. The handle is very comfortable to use, it’s very hard and sturdy, even if it falls down thousand of time. It fits the hand perfectly and gives you the opportunity to comb baby hair gently and easily. The bristles have the shape of baby scalp, so it stimulates the hair growth due to increasing the blood circulation.

The big advantage is the cash back offer of the company, if you are not satisfied with quality of the brush. Natemia is a famous eco-friendly company, so we believe it’s a best choice for you and your children.

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6. Baby Hair Brush Comb Set

Gentle bristles that are made by baby Hair Brush Comb set are wonderful. Moms and dads can do ideal massaging of the hair with this brush. If you are passionate about healthy and clean skin, you can rely on this product. This wooden comb is the best friend for untangling the hair knots. Children are usually irritated and upset during this time, but this hairbrush makes lighter this process.

This hairbrush is made of natural and organic materials, the handle is strong and long-lasting. You can use it both while bathing and after. Don’t forget to clean this brush with water and baby soap. Baby Hair Brush comb set is very popular among buyers.

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7.Natural Soft Newborn Baby Brush Set

The soft and ideal-sized hairbrush by natural Soft is something really interesting and fascinating for the parents. The features are so great, that the majority of buyers adore it. The brush can help to prevent itching easily. The product is made in such way that your child can get rid of the cradle cap and flakes.

This natural brush is made of beech wood, so it can be in use for long time. The handle is strong and durable, but has light weight and fits your hand perfectly. The design of the baby hairbrush is in the fun form of frog claws. The bristles are made of eco-friendly materials and massage the baby head gently. It is absolutely organic product that is number one among the customers.

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8.Wooden Baby Goat Hair Brush| Eco-Friendly Hairbrush

This perfect hairbrush is absolutely natural. All the materials are premium-quality and eco-friendly. The company is the best one on the market. They concentrate on the ingredients of the product with full capacity.  The design of the brush is so elegant that it quickly captures the interest of the customers. It’s excellent in getting rid of cradle caps from baby’s head. Also you can use it to distribute the natural oil and thus keep baby hair tender and soft.

The Wooden baby Goat Hair brush is made of BPA free silicone and hypo allergic materials, which is so important in choosing hairbrush for the newborn. This brush is oval-shaped with durable handle that allows you to comb the hair without problems and knots. The bristles are soft and stimulate the relaxing before going to bed.

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9.Ullabelle 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

  This is combo set! It includes 4 incredible brushes: natural goat bristle brush, wooden massage brush, wooden comb and silicone brush. Each of these items has the particular aims.

Natural goat bristle brush has a special shape of soft bristles that helps to relax and take pleasure while combing. Wooden comb helps to untangle the smallest knots of baby hair. Wooden massage brush is usually used to massage baby head and reduce the stress. Silicone brush is the best friend against the cradle cap.

This combo set is perfect as a present to baby shower party or baby’s birthday. It never hurts the baby hair or sensitive skin. The product is wrapped in a nice box that pays attention both of parents and their children. As a bonus, it has lots of colors, so you can choose the best one for your child.

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10.Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

This brush is made of premium-quality materials. It perfectly fits your hand. It’s best-seller among baby hairbrushes in the market. The main advantage is the prevention of cradle cap. The newborns have the problem with peeling skin on the head during first 2-3 months. The best way to get rid of it – is using Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb with a little bit oil couple times a week. Soon you’ll see a result without hurting the gentle baby skin.

All the materials of this brush are tested and approved by doctors. The bristles are soft, but strong enough to help in peeling the head. As for design of this brush, it’s easy to use both by parents and children: the practical handle and nice shape.

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Tips in choosing the best hairbrush or baby brush set

Here are the main tips for best hairbrushes that we found for you. It helps you to spend your money on a good-quality product. And it doesn’t matter whether your child has bush of hair or less, you should be interested in buying the best baby hairbrush.

  • Bristles

If you’re preparing to purchase a baby hairbrush, make sure that the bristles are soft and tender. Some models of the hairbrushes have hard bristles, and they can harm the delicate skin of the newborn. It usually depends on the price. Don’t be frugal, and choose high-quality hairbrush for your baby. There are lots of amazing brands on the market with good name.

  • Price

This is not the time for economizing, when this refers to your baby’s health. Cheap hairbrushes usually use low-quality and dangerous materials. Always choose the best hairbrush. Despite the expensive price of the hairbrush, it’s very durable and services you for long time.

  • Cleaning

Always choose a hairbrush that can be easily washed. The best option is washing with warm water and small amount of eco-friendly soap or shampoo. Never buy a brush with difficult cleaning process, because using dirty and grimy brush can lead to skin problems or even inflammations.

  • Materials

Some newborns have very sensitive skin. So not every kind of hairbrushes fits them, the majority of them can damage the delicate skin and tangle the hair. Be very attentive in choosing the hairbrush, it you child has such type of skin. The materials should be non-allergic and have top-quality not to cause irritations or allergic reactions. Read the ingredients attentively.

  • Handle quality

The handle of the hairbrush should be made of wood. Wooden materials are durable and serve you for a long time. Even if you baby like to throw everything on the floor, be sure, the hairbrush with wooden handle will never break. Also pay attention on the size of the handle. Make sure that it’s comfortable for you to hold it. Some of the hairbrushes have a loop. It’s a best option for those who usually lose the things at home. You can easily put this hairbrush on the wall.

  • Warranty

Not less important point is checking the warranty of the product. It’s necessary to see that the hairbrush has a good warranty period. The guarantee duration plays a huge role in case of any disturbances of the product.