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5 Best deodorant for kids in 2020

Being a mom or dad, you can understand that the body odor is one of the clearest signs that your child is at the beginning of his/her adolescence. Despite the fact that it is absolutely natural part of their development, their body odor may lead to the unpleasant situations for your children as well as individuals around them. You see, as they get in the age of puberty, their glands start working increasingly active on a daily basis, influencing not only their underarms, however the rest of their bodies too.

When reaching this factor in their development, you might want to choose an excellent deodorant for kids if the unpleasant odor becomes too strong.  Nowadays the market offers you a huge variety of deodorants, so there are a couple of things to consider before buying a deodorant for your kids. Some deodorants, as an example, are used during the night while others are applied in the morning. In any case, deodorant isn’t an alternative to proper hygiene and you should always advise your children not to rely on deodorant for kids too much.


Different Sorts Of best deodorant for kids to Select from

First of all, you should carefully think about your kid’s needs before choosing a deodorant for kids.  Be attentive and always read the ingredients.  Try to avoid deodorants that contain even small amount of aluminum compounds, parabens (chemicals that may trigger cancer cells), as well as propylene glycol. Also, all-natural deodorants do NOT have any of the abovementioned ingredients, that is why you should choose such best deodorant for kids.

Last but not least, check that you know the difference between antiperspirants and children deoderant. For example, the purpose of deodorants is to neutralize the strong odor of body, while antiperspirants have aluminum salts in the ingredients, which block the pores. So as you currently understand, keep away the antiperspirants from your kids as much as possible. Finally, you must teach your children to use soap which contains antibacterial essential oil like lavender and also put on breathable organic cotton materials.


Top 5 best deodorant for kids

1. Truly’s Deodorant For Children

best deodorant for kidsAs all the statistics show us, Truly’s Deodorant For Kids is an excellent choice. Its creamy structure has a durable effect throughout the day with just one application. The great thing is that it doesn’t lead to a burning sensation; it doesn’t discolor the clothing or have white markings on the material.  It also has a strong fragrance. And this brand doesn’t use parabens, aluminum, and propylene glycol whatsoever.  Truly’s Deodorant for Kids has 100% natural ingredients.


Mentioning the ingredients, we should say that Truly’s Deodorant For Children contains natural coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, and powdered sugar. Due to its long-lasting effect, you do not need to re-apply the deodorant a second time throughout the day. It also consists of no harmful chemicals, making it an excellent choice for children who are prone to allergies.  Also in comparison with other deodorants, Truly’s Deodorant For Kids requires just a pea-sized amount to be used over the whole surface of the underarm.

What’s truly interesting regarding Truly’s Deodorant For Kids is that it includes a ‘cash back guarantee’, most of the brands in this industry stay clear of such type of policy. The deodorant’s makers are sure in its antimicrobial properties, so they want to guarantee that it will work 100%. Not only is it excellent for kids as young as 5 years of age, but it also has a pleasant coconut odor that lasts throughout the day. So as you can see this deodorant for toddlers.


  •  All-natural components
  •  Pleasant coconut odor
  •  Durable effect
  • Creamy structure
  • cash back guarantee
  • toddler deodorant


  • Has little granules that could be unpleasant on the skin
  • Doesn’t feature an applicator tool


2. Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls

best deodorant for kidsGentle and reliable, Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls has NO aluminum chlorhydrate, no propylene glycol, and also no parabens whatsoever. It is made almost completely out of all-natural ingredients and does not lead to any kind of allergies. Its durable effects can be really felt throughout the day, without being too strong or evident. In fact, Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is entirely odorless, making it perfect for young ladies who do not want to attract attention.

Although the product is targeted at young girls, there is no actual restriction, who may use it and also how old they are. The fact that it was designed to fit the needs of young women implies that it has to be extra smooth, making it the perfect deodorant for grownups, who has allergies and skin afflictions. Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is child-safe, easy to use, natural, and also efficient.

All points taken into consideration, Kids Natural deodorant for Girls is best for any woman that wishes to be very discreet concerning her BO. Moreover, if we mention that this deodorant leaves no while markings on clothing, we pretty much have the ideal deodorant for young ladies. This being said, if you have a daughter who is sensible about her body odor, then Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls is the way to go.



  •  Extremely effective
  • Goes on clear
  • natural deodorant for kids
  • deodorant for girls


  • May trigger a rash on sensitive skin
  • No aroma


Pit Paste for Kids great deodorant for boys


best deodorant for kidsWe should start by claiming that Pit Paste for Kids is totally hand-crafted using 100% organic and natural components like coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils which makes it a great deodorant for boys.  As you might have already figured out from the ‘natural’ label, Pit Paste for Kids is not an antiperspirant, although it features a lot of the advantages of such a product, minus the aluminum poisoning.

Most people don’t even know that their favorite and well-known antiperspirants utilize parabens and aluminum compounds to prevent the body from sweating. By doing so, the body forcefully absorbs all the toxic substances it must push out, this is highly not recommended when choosing a safe deodorant for kids. Despite The Fact That Pit Paste for Kids has a wonderful oily scent when applied, it will quickly disappear, so can be sure that it won’t mix with any perfume or cologne that may also be splashed.

Perfumed with 100% natural essential oils, Pit Paste for Kids uses no chemical fragrance whatsoever. It also contains coconut oil, raw grade A shea butter, natural arrowroot powder, as well as non-aluminum baking soda. These active ingredients are incredibly helpful for the total health and wellness of your youngsters, although you need to inform them on the advantages of a good personal hygiene.


  • Easy to apply
  • Durable result
  • Organic ingredients
  • safe deodorant for kids
  • deodorant for kids under 10


  •  May leave a trace
  • No real fragrance



4. Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant

best deodorant for kidsFocused on kids and also teens, this 1.86 fluid ounce deodorant is one of the best deodorants for children on the market. Made for younger, sensitive skins, Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant contains no aluminum, no parabens, as well as no alcohol whatsoever. Furthermore, this deodorant contains only all-natural ingredients that hinder the growth of germs which triggers body odor.


Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant does not discolor the clothing, it is aesthetic, and it stops body odor for 1 day or even more. This means that whoever uses it doesn’t need to carry it during the whole day, making it the ideal deodorant for children who don’t want to attract attention. Moreover, Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant has no real age restriction, as it is being used by kids as young as 7 years old.

Finally, kids with sensitive skins are 100% safe using Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant, as it contains no dangerous compounds whatsoever. Also, the children’s deodorant itself can also be used in tandem with various skin care items, adding a pleasant smell to the equation. Mentioning the smell, Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorant features a subtle and nice fragrance that isn’t overwhelming like other deodorants for children.


  • Durable effect
  • Does not leave any kind of marks
  • Natural components
  • Strong fragrance
  • children’s deodorant



  • Fragrance may be also strong for children
  • Comes in a strangely shaped container


Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys

best deodorant for kidsThere are not so many deodorants as safe and gentle as Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys. This totally all-natural item can be used by people of any age, although it was made for youngsters. It consists of no harmful chemicals whatsoever, which cannot be said about lots of deodorants on the market. Instead, Kids Natural deodorants for children contains a natural antibacterial composition, preventing body smell throughout the day.

Kids deodorant for Boys has no real disadvantage in regards to effectiveness, with the only mention that it has to be reapplied after a few hours of intense physical activities. Other than that, this deodorant is well-known for its pleasant smell. Somewhat, the odor can be considered overwhelming by some, however, any child will take that over body odor any type of day.

All abovementioned points considered, Kids Deodorant for Boys is ideal for a young boy who has an active way of life sweating a lot throughout the day. Because it consists of no aluminum chlorohydrate, no parabens, and no propylene glycol whatsoever, you should consider it before buying a possibly unsafe ‘grown-up’ deodorants for children. Also, this deodorant goes on clear and leaves no marks on cloth material despite how much of it you utilize.


  • Goes on clear
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Works great with sensitive skin


  • Needs to be reapplied constantly
  • Not for kids that swear a lot