True reviews on the best kids toys


Hello everyone!

My name is Olivia Mayers, I’m a happily married and mom of a 2-year-old boy Daniel. I’m a creator and main writer of this blog. I believe that every new parent has to be able to find support and useful tips when becoming mom and dad. I have to be honest, my life was a mess when I just had my son. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I have a person I’m responsible for now, that I started buying all sorts of baby stuff I could see. As you might think, I ended up having a¬† house full of useless toys and the bathroom full of unnecessary hygiene stuff. By the time I managed the situation, I understood that my mission is to help all the new parents out there, who are struggling to decide what is best for their little precious ones.

Here at “Power Tools For Power Kids”, I’m giving true reviews and sharing my opinion on things I’ve tried using myself, I compare them with other options on the market. In every post I try to explain what product¬† I liked and why. I am doing this with only one aim – to make YOUR parenthood as much joyful and relaxed as possible. I hope you will enjoy reading and find my blog useful.


I would be happy to read your comments and thoughts.

Send you my warm hugs and kisses,

Love, Olivia