Best PS3 games for kids 2020

There are plenty of ps3 games for kids out to pick from, each with their own style, type, theme and skill levels. If you’re looking for the best ps3 games for kids, think about the main aim and type of amusement of the game. Instead of looking at every specification, this overview has the most important information for you to take into consideration in order to decide which game would be ideal and delightful for your kids.

Main features in selecting best ps3 games for kids

While choosing the kids ps3 game, you should pay attention to a game rating. The age of your kids has a great impact on it. There are many games with a rating for Everyone. This means that it can be used both by young kids and by all family members. Rating for Everyone is the largest category and has a huge variety of games, but you can be sure your family can enjoy without any unacceptable material or any kind of terrifying episode. The special sign with the age range will help you to narrow your search. If a game has unusual content or you need appropriate skills to pass the levels successfully – the rating will be for Teens. Games like Rock Band have various skill levels that mean younger gamers can play it too.

What makes for top ps3 games for kids

Along with the rating of ps3 kids games, which is more of an adult issue, the video game requires to be fascinating and amusing for the kids. Take into consideration the following features with your children in mind to select a game that they will certainly enjoy. If you’re thinking which gaming system for kids to choose, don’t forget to read our article.

  • Time

If you intend to minimize the amount of screen and play time to half an hour, you should choose a game with shorter missions or tasks like ones that include brief races or singing a single track. In this way, the video game can be stopped any time you like. If you want to offer hours of fun then an adventure game with discovering a new virtual world will be the perfect option for your kid.

  • Style of ps3 kids games

First of all, you should understand or ask you kids what they are interested in. It can be music, sports theme or adventures. You should take into consideration the passions of your kid. There are many games with characters from movies or cartoons, different TV programs and music videos, which would keep a group of children in racing competition for hours.

  • The number of players

If you are choosing a ps3 kid games then it will be great to stay away from video games that are best with numerous players, like musical games unless they have lots of friends. Games with sports theme, quests, and puzzles are excellent choices for single and multi-player alike. This function usually makes this type of game the best ps3 kid games.

Top 7 kid-friendly ps3 games

1. LEGO the Lord of the Rings

best ps3 games for kidsLEGO the Lord of the Rings — incredible mini-experiment in the evolution of the series, an attempt to make a serious adventure based on the cult work of Tolkien. In other words, this time Traveller’s Tales forbade their characters to make fun jokes (although they, of course, still make grimaces), but ordered a lot of chat and travel through middle-earth in more or less exact accordance with the plot of the book. This would be great for all Dragon toys  lovers. The work on adapting the material to the new format was very serious: heroes in the story speak in the voices of actors who worked in Peter Jackson’s films and the script includes a detailed description of almost all the key moments — from the opening bat with the orcs to tic entry into Mordor. Which makes it a great ps3 games for boys

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2. Rock Band 2

best ps3 games for kidsAbsolutely everyone has heard of Rock Band, but Rock Band 2 gets on the higher level. The soundtracks have been updated with fantastic instruments of high quality and the alternative to update and install new content as preferred.

These are all points that make this playstation 3 kid games amazing to play for hours with no restriction to the number of songs or tasks that are available. You will require having or purchasing the instruments to play this game but you will use them a lot that they are more than worth the price.

Other significant features consist of the tune search options in addition to the function to save band members. You can find tracks based on the musician, the year, the genre. In regards to saving the band members, this is useful when more children will be involved in the fun when not everyone is at the same skill level.

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3. Little Big Planet 2

best ps3 games for kidsWhether you are a grown-up, a teenager, or a child, the Little Big Planet 2 game is extremely amusing. It is a sequel video game, and comparable enough to the original. It has numerous options and game types to think about.

With lots of options, the video game seems overwhelming at first but there are many tutorials to show you how to play. You get all of the instruction you need as well as the flexibility to use your imagination. This combination makes this video game one of the best kid games ps3.

The levels in this game are so creative and have many more opportunities than the original. The graphics are more improved and the bad heroes that are created really do what you would expect of them.

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4. Wonderbook

best ps3 games for kidsWonderbook is a unique gaming accessory for the ps3 games for children console and the innovative PlayStation Move controller. Together with this amazing book, you will be a part of a lot of exciting stories that will come to life right before your eyes and fill your life with charming magic. The first story of Wonderbook invites you to the famous Hogwarts School of magic and wizardry. “Book of spells” – the legendary work of the famous witch Miranda Gussokl. The real wizard should certainly have it to learn and practice the famous spells. Don’t forget to read the notes in the margins left by previous owners of the book, so you can learn their secrets as well as stories about the unexpected and fun effects of the spells.

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5. Katamari Forever

best ps3 games for kidsKatamari Forever is the most spectacular from all the Katamari games. This game has a lot of functions of the others in the collection but with much more to include into the experience so if you were going to obtain one game then this should be it. It’s truly one of the best playstation 3 games for kids

It is extremely fun to play with various game modes and vivid graphics that make it an excellent game for everyone to play, including younger kids. It is also good for children when you choose the multiplayer option in competition or co-op alternatives. This suggests that everyone can get involved without any arguing over who will play next.

You should understand that you will have more control in this game than you would with others of the same kind. This indicates that players can explore more functions of the game and, therefore, play for longer.

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6. Child of Eden

best ps3 games for kidsThe player’s task is simple – to save the girl and save her world from a deadly infection. What is this universe, who is this pretty person, and other information can be found from the lines of text from the excellent introductory video before sending it to the task. The motives of the Saviour and other matters have absolutely no meaning here. There are two types of weapons that can be used by the invisible hero, flying through space. “Cleaner” works in the manner of homing missiles and can capture up to eight targets at a time, and an analog of a machine gun. Opponents are divided into regular and purple. Each type of enemy has a corresponding type of weapon.

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7. Eyepet

best ps3 games for kidsGet yourself a unique pet and take care of it, watching as a tiny cub grows into a cute and smart pet. Try yourself as a stylist: invent new haircuts for your pet, buy new costumes and accessories for it, draw toys that will immediately become three-dimensional on the screen. Take pictures of your pet at particularly memorable moments in his life and show them to your friends.

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