The Best Board Games for 2 Year Olds

Choosing Board games for children who are just beginning to show a deep interest in such things is not easy. And manufacturers are well aware of this. Two criteria that you need to pay attention to regardless of your specific preferences are simple rules and fairly large details. Board games for 2-year-olds should teach kids to learn to count, recognize the colors and develop attention and fine motor skills. The colorful design is half the success, because thanks to it, you can captivate the child for the necessary period of time. Often in the design, there are images of heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. This is especially good when the learning process takes place in a fun way. Board games are an exciting activity that not only gives the child a lot of positive emotions but also has a great impact on his development. Entertainment of this kind helps the child develop communication skills, improve thinking, teach mindfulness and perseverance, as well as develop fine motor skills and coordination of movements.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? A short overview of the main points in the table below!

Name PhotoWhy I like it Link
Development of attention, thinking, familiarization of children with the theme of Products, Store, Clothing. Develop social and personal skills.Check on
DJECO Cooperation Little Gamea good choice of a first cooperation game. Kids learn about artic animals and develop sympathy.
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Hungry HipposA fun competitive game with simple rules.Check on
Snail’s Pace Race Designed by Alex RaDevelops attention and creative thinking, teaches you to think through a strategy to achieve your goal.Check on
Count Your ChickensEncourages the development of counting skills, understanding sets of numbers, speech, visual recognition, and collaboration among children.Check on
Don’t Be GreedyThe game increases the reaction speed, trains the memory, attention, and intelligence of kids.Check on
Hanna HoneybeeDevelops attention and color recognitionCheck on
Move & GrooveDevelops creativity and increases the child’s self-confidence.Check on
Friends and Neighbors Develops empathy and compassion in a child.Check on
Candy LandEncourages your children to communicate, be patient, recognize colors, learn the rules, and follow directions.Check on
Little GardenAimed at developing memory, knowledge of flowers and vegetables, as well as attention and resourcefulness.Check on
First OrchardGreat as the first Board game, teaches you to play by the rules, a competitive moment, but without one winner, teaches flowers, fruits that grow on the tree.Check on
Three Little Pigs Game Emotional and absolutely all kids love these well known characters. Check on
DJECO Bata-WafDevelops attention and quick reaction. Check on

Shopping List

Educational game for children – shopping list

Goal: development of attention, thinking, familiarization of children with the theme of Products, Store, Clothing. Develop social and personal skills.

The task for your baby: first fill the cart with the items listed on the shopping list. The winner is the first person to collect all the items listed in the shopping list.

All parents care about the harmonious development of their babies. Create conditions for comfortable learning. Your child will be passionate about going to the store, shopping for food, to prepare a delicious and healthy lunch for the whole family.

Spend time with your children having fun buying groceries at the supermarket.

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DJECO Little Cooperation Little Game

This table game can be a good choice of a first cooperation game. Djeco company always thoroughly develops games’ design and the quality of materials is high. Once you get acquainted with djeco games – you will definitely fall in love with their board games for  kids. The characters of the table game for two years old kids are interesting and eye- catching. The aim is to rescue the artic animals but be careful as the bridge can brake down anytime. While playing kids can learn a lot about wild nature and develop sympathy towards others. An exciting game involves 2 to 4 players and lasts about 10 minutes. The cute characters can also be actively involved in playing. A good gift for those who enjoy spending fun time together.

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Hungry Hungry Hippos

Kids compete in agility and agility; they forget about time and develop useful skills. Simple rules of the game make it accessible to young players and do not take much time to explain the rules. In such entertainment, you can play together or gather a whole company and compete in sleight of hand. The game “Hungry Hippos” is designed to entertain and develop hand motor skills. Children’s party will be fun in an exciting competition, whose Hippo managed to eat more. Only the most nimble breadwinner will receive the title of Savior of his Hippo from hunger. The game is fun and kids get a lot of fun, in the children’s company of the company, and then you will hear cheerful shouts of joy for the Hippo who ate an appetizing ball. The only drawback is that it can’t be played without parent’s guidance because of small items.

Children are delighted with the joyous moments of victory.

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Snail’s Pace Race

Designed by Alex Randolph and Published by Ravens burger

Snail race is an exciting Board game for the little ones. This is a fast and fun game that develops attention and creative thinking, teaches you to think through a strategy to achieve your goal. Snail Race is a children’s game where you need to bring all your rivals to the finish line. Snail Race is a fast and gambling game, everything is very fun, and the figures of snails will please every participant. The rules are simple enough to be easily learned by anyone. The last one will win here – stay the only one on the playing field to get all the vegetables for you. Lots of kids even at the age of 2,5 find it interesting and engaging due to bright colors, easy rules and interesting characters.

Kids love this game with bright snails!

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Count Your Chickens!

Published by Peaceable Kingdom

This is a cooperative game for children over 3 years old, a game with a score in which the Chicks stole the cage.  The game has a task, the kids must help the mother hen pick up her Chicks and return them to the chicken coop. The child turns the wheel and moves the chicken and mother forward. The goal for the kid is to collect all the chickens and bring them to the chicken coop with their mom before the Fox gets to them. This game encourages the development of counting skills, understanding sets of numbers, speech, visual recognition, and collaboration among children. Your kids will love this fun game!

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Don’t Be Greedy

The game increases the reaction speed, trains the memory, attention, and intelligence of kids.

All that is necessary for kids is to pull the gem from the bag and put it in your chest. If the child suddenly gets a “sad face», he puts it back in the bag. But if the second time the child pulls out the “sad face” from the bag, then he will have to return all his jewelry back to the bag. Your children, despite their very young age, will feel what luck is and the reward for the desire to win!

Parents are also interested in watching their child in this game, don’t be a greedy kid, save your treasures in the chest, don’t take any risks!

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HABA My Very First Games Hanna Honeybee – 2 Cooperative Color Die Games

An emotional and fun game to develop attention  and color recognition. This engaging table game for 2 year old can be a good part of your home collection to entertain the whole family. Kids love its bright colors and interesting cute characters. The game will introduce to little ones a fascinating world of bees. Its a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players with a playing time 5 to 10 minutes. The rules are quite simple even for such young age. Roll a die and help our Honebee to get enough honey and make the hone pot full. The game is a great gift to bring the whole family closer.

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Move & Groove

This game causes laughter and creativity and increases the child’s self-confidence. This is a really simple and fun game. Parents really enjoy playing it with their children. You just play a cube and then choose a card that matches the color. The movements are almost all very light and fun and the kids really enjoy it.  The cube also has a pocket where you can store cards, so everything stays together. The game comes with a large soft colorful cube and a stack of cards with different dance moves on them. In order to play, all you have to do is roll a die, pull a card from the corresponding stack depending on the color you get, and perform a dance move. Everything is very easy and simple. We think that this is also a great gift for kids. We recommend it!

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Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game

This is a social – emotional game that develops empathy and compassion in a child.

Love and care for your neighbor.

Friends and neighbors is a matching game that focuses on emotions. Can players help a little girl who is sad because she is standing in the rain or a boy who is afraid of the dark? Reach into the help bag and pull out a token – can it help someone on the playing field? If so, it’s a coincidence! Place it on the playing field. Otherwise, place the marker on the stop sign. Each placed token completes the poem on the playing field with the final part on the token. The goal of the game is to fill 1 game Board with 9 matching tokens before 5 red tokens appear on the stop sign.

By playing the game and reading about the characters ‘ feelings and needs, parents can help their children recognize other people’s feelings-the first step to developing empathy, compassion, a sense of responsibility, and caring for each other!

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Candy Land

Candy Land encourages your children to communicate, be patient, recognize colors, learn the rules, and follow directions. Kids move in this game along the rainbow path to be the first to find the king of Kandy in the candy castle. Children should beware of obstacles and be careful. Start by placing your plastic man at the beginning of the track. Each turn, players draw a simple map and move by matching the color on the map with the next color on the track. Some cards show a place on the Board. Players who draw these cards move forward or backward along the track to the specified location. The game ends when the first player arrives at the candy castle. The playing field is very colorful, children really like this game.

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Little Garden

The game is aimed at developing memory, knowledge of flowers and vegetables, as well as attention and resourcefulness. The game is very suitable for small children who are absolutely not ready to lose to the opponent. We get acquainted with the features of the game according to the rules, develop care, consolidate knowledge about colors and shapes, and experience various emotions together.  The rules are very simple and clear even for kids, the game is suitable for children of different ages — everyone will have fun!  Little gardener Gabriel grows vegetables, fruits, and flowers in his garden. If the kids can finish growing strawberries, carrots, and tulips before Molly the Mole finishes burrowing, then everyone wins. The game is also good because the kids do not play against each other, but all together against the cheeky mole.

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First Orchard

A game for children from 2 years old, kids will love it from the first minutes of the game. The game is great as the first Board game, teaches you to play by the rules, a competitive moment, but without one winner, teaches flowers, fruits that grow on the tree. All materials in the game are safe for children’s health; the game helps the child develop sensory skills. The game is for development, the game can participate from 1 to 4 players from 2 years old.  All fruits are made of wood, they are quite large, they are pleasant to hold in your hands and do not want to let go. Secondly, these are very simple rules – you need to use the cube to collect all the fruits from the trees before the crow gets to the basket. A crow steps if its image appears on the cube. Kids get the point very quickly. What we train here is the color (all four trees are different colors), the shape we study, and the score. What else is probably the most important advantage of this game – it is a team game, that is, everyone competes against the crow, and not with each other. All psychologists unequivocally say that before the appearance of critical thinking in children, all sorts of competitive moments are very unsafe for them, sometimes even traumatic (when his neighbor on the right wins, but not him). The crow is an external enemy, here either everyone wins or everyone loses to it.

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Orchard Toys Three Little Pigs Game 

The game is colorful, emotional and absolutely all kids love these well known characters. The aim of this fantastic table game for kids is to build cozy houses for three little pigs. Its not so easy because of a grey hungry wolf waiting for them . So start this exciting and full of surprises journey to the wood  with kids and enjoy your precious time together. The quality of Orchard Toys is indisputable and the design is always eye- catching. Usually kids get actively involved in this game at the age of 2,8- 4,5 years old and therefore is a good investment of money. Can be a great gift on any occasion.

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DJECO Bata-Waf

One more easy and fun Djeco game with simple rules that even a child of about 2,5-3 can easily understand. So who is taller? Collect all the cards with funny animals. No need to know how to count because it can be played not only with the help of numbers , but also with the size of dogs and colors too. Develops attention and quick reaction. All members of the family can be involved in a fun game. Even at the age of 5- 7 kids find this game interesting and , therefore, kids of different age can be involved in a game. This game is a great to be one of the first table card games for a 2 year old child. A good family gift on different occasions for those who love spending time together.

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How about the company? How to choose board games for two years olds?

Everyone, without exception, likes to win.  This is especially true for children. That’s why it can be tricky to find the right games for 2 year olds. They always want to be first and win. The best genre of games that unites an adult and a child is cooperative games for age 2. Games where there is no competition between players because the main goal is to unite, work together, and achieve goals together. Cooperative games are a real lifeline: they teach children to interact as a team, listen to the opinions of other players, and join forces to achieve a team result. From the very beginning until now, the company is a family business and specializes in the production of textile and wooden toys. When developing toys, Haba focuses on the development of children, taking into account their preferences and needs. In addition to the fact that the company’s products are exciting, they are also practical, as they are able to grow together with the child.

The company’s employees are constantly working on new ideas in the field of child development and implement them, expanding the range of products offered.