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All children dream of their parents buying them a toddler dollhouse. Girls love to lead all kinds of life scenarios. Boys like to arrange their toy soldiers and cars. A house is a dream of any girl, and of course, she will be very happy with such a gift. Now on sale, there is a wide range of different houses-from simple to large and multi-story with a huge selection of furniture. The necessary accessories for the game are included, and the cost of houses also varies. In fact, the house is not just a fun toy. With its help, a girl at an early age will feel like a little housewife, will become interested in design and layouts, and will develop a sense of style. There is a huge variety of houses in the modern market. 

The purpose of buying a dollhouse is the Game. The house is suitable for a mini-theater with puppets as decoration.  A new copy for the collection. They are purchased as an element of the interior in a cafe or shop. Dollhouses are made from various materials: plastic, plywood, wood, cardboard. Each of the materials presented has its own advantages and disadvantages, the most common is plastic. With the help of the toy, the girl will be able to have fun with friends or on her own. Due to the presence of moving parts, children can independently rearrange the house and carry the dolls each time to a new play world. Handy materials often also become part of the interior, which attracts children to the game even more.


Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Home Sweet Headquarters

toddler dollhouseImagine the fun of playing with a dollhouse. The house is filled with many accessories and items. The dollhouse consists of 5 rooms, including a kitchen set (refrigerator, stove, sink), a table with 2 chairs, and a toilet. There is also an extra play space for your little one with a balcony, patio, and extended seating area. The set includes 3 colorful figurines for your child’s little hands; mom, dad, and baby. The figurines bend at the waist, the bathtub and bathroom sink are built-in. The only minor complaint we have is that there isn’t enough furniture here.

Why we like  it:

  1. 5 room house
  2. Removable accessories
  3.  А Whole family of 3 (including the child)
  4. 3-storey and attic design
  5. Durable plastic
  6. Designed for kids ages 2+
  7. Weight 6.5 lbs
  8. Dimensions 21 “x 15” x 8 “

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PEPPA PIG LIGHTS AND SOUNDS PLAYSET dollhouse for 2-year-old

toddler dollhouseThe dollhouse for 2 year old has 7 rooms spread over 4 floors and includes 13 interesting accessories. When you enter the house by the rug, a light comes on in the living room to greet you! Jump into a muddy puddle in your front yard to hear the Muddy Puddles song. When your child presses on the rug, he will hear funny sounds and phrases from the show. The house has 7 rooms located on 4 floors, 13 new accessories.

  The lodge is suitable for children aged 2 and over.

Why we like  it:

  1. 2 dining chairs, refrigerator, bedroom mirror, double bed, telescope, bunk beds, bathtub, and office chair,
  2. Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Home includes: George, sofa, dining table, Peppa, Zoya Zebra, uses 2 batteries AA type (demo batteries included). 
  3. Suitable for ages 2 and up., Computer Desk, Toilet

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FISHER-PRICE LITTLE PEOPLE SURPRISE & sound best dollhouse for 2 year old

toddler dollhouseThe best dollhouse for 2 year old, it’s of very high quality, with an interesting and bright design. The best dollhouse for 2 year old will certainly interest the child and give hours of various games.

The house is equipped with furniture, the set includes 3 little people, and you can hear more than 50 phrases and various sound effects (sounds of a kettle, alarm clock, oven, and toilet). Doors of household appliances open; lights come on, many elements move. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in any home, and for good reason. The oven and refrigerator can be opened for the child to see many delicious snacks and meals. Kids can lift the toilet seat, and toddlers can knock on the front door that opens and closes. Expand the house to see the interior, which has five rooms with built-in furniture and appliances.

Why we like  it:

  1.  Over 50 sounds, songs, and phrases
  2.  Attached handle for kids to take home anywhere
  3.  In the set: Mom, Dad and Emma, ​​a table and three chairs, all fit into the house for easy cleaning
  4.  Requires two AA batteries
  5. House for children from one to five years old

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HAPE ALL SEASONS WOODEN dollhouse for 4 year old and above

toddler dollhouseThis kid’s dollhouse consists of 6 rooms including four sets of а master bedroom, family bathroom, media room, and kitchen. The house is fully furnished: it has unique home furniture and appliances Durable: This kid’s wooden dollhouse features a sturdy wooden structure and has a kid-safe paint.

The house is 3-storey, wooden; your child will have a lot of pleasure playing with friends.

The Hope All Season dollhouse comes with a lot of furniture, appliances, and decorative items. The kids loved to arrange furniture and appliances in different ways, coming up with new scenarios each time. This dollhouse is called all season because it incorporates natural and seasonal elements into its design. Age range: 3 years old and up. The roof boasts handles that allow you to clean the house in no time. Once the children have finished playing, the house can be hidden in the toy closet, asеy and convenient.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 23.6 “x 11.8” x 28.9»
  2. Material: Wood
  3. Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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toddler dollhouseThe dollhouse has an elevator and furniture, a house for children from 4 years old. Every child dreams of such a toy the house is bright and colorful, kids will have a lot of fun playing with dolls! In addition to the house, the set includes 3 small dolls, 15 pieces of furniture made of quality wood, has 4 floors, a garage for a car, and a lift for moving dolls. The dollhouse for a child is made of natural wood; in addition, the toy is coated with non-toxic paint in a neutral fresh color. Such a house will bring a lot of positive emotions and happy hours of exciting games.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 13 “x 23.8” x 30»
  2. Material: Wood
  3. Weight: 18.9 lbs.

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toddler dollhouseThe house is very light and spacious. It has three floors and six windows through which you can see everything that happens in the house. By the way, the house is completely open from the front, so that it is convenient to play with dolls in it.

The dollhouse is furnished in pastel colors and has an elegant classic interior. There is also a staircase in the house that leads from the second to the third floor.

The Kid Kraft Penelope Dollhouse is made in the best traditions of a country mansion. It has all the necessary premises. In the kitchen, located on the ground floor of the house, the dolls can chat and drink tea. Then you can go upstairs to the living room to chat, read, or chat about books. In the bathroom, you can wash your hands and take a dip. When the doll gets tired of a long day full of games, she can go up the stairs to the third floor to a spacious beautiful bedroom, where you can try on clothes or relax on a cozy large bed.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 25 “x 13” x 44»
  2. Material: Wood
  3. Weight: 24.8 lbs.

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MELISSA & DOUG MODERN WOODEN MULTI-LEVEL best dollhouse for 3 year old and above

toddler dollhouseThe Best dollhouse for 3 year old kids and above, it is made in the Victorian style, which will allow you to travel to the fairy world of the princesses of that time. The dollhouse is made of natural wood and covered with non-toxic and safe paint.

Your little one will be completely delighted with such a gift. Toy housing for dolls has dimensions of 75x46x71 cm and 3 floors, which are connected by stairs. The interior of each room is different, but at the same time very cozy and comfortable, all pieces of furniture are distinguished by realistic design. The Victorian house is made of natural wood; the paints are completely safe for health. It can be easily and quickly assembled, the delivery set includes instructions with a diagram for assembling the dollhouse.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 28 “x 15.5” x 24»
  2. Material: Wood
  3. Weight: 20.4 lbs.

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toddler dollhouseThis best dollhouse for toddlers includes a play castle, a treasure chest, a king bed, a full-length mirror, a throne, three chairs, a table, a tea set, figures of Princess Peppa, and Princess Susie. The house folds into a convenient case with a handle. Very nice and high quality in reality! The height of the house is about 32 cm; the length when unfolded is about 44 cm.

Explore the six rooms of the castle, play the life of the royal family! Once you’re done playing, Peppa’s castle folds down to store all the accessories. The lodge has a handle so you can take your castle on all sorts of adventures. Peppa Pig is an energetic pig who lives with mom, dad, and little brother George. She loves to jump into mud puddles and make loud noises. The episodes present interesting daily activities that support the social and emotional development of children. The best dollhouse for toddlers is a great gift for your kids.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 12.5 “x 9.2” x 5.6»
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Weight: 3.52 lbs.

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FISHER-PRICE LOVING FAMILY doll houses for toddlers

toddler dollhouseFisher-price four-story dollhouses for toddlers with furniture!

The house has 6 rooms; each of them can be arranged according to your own taste!

On the fourth floor, there is a balcony, on the second – a patio (open terrace), and on the first – a side entrance with a swing and a seat for a baby!

A sofa and a seat for the baby are also supplied with the house.

Dollhouses for toddlers has a special room for tea drinking and games. The cabin is filled with sparkling lights in candlesticks, chandeliers, and bathrooms. Dollhouses for toddlers are decorated with a long winding staircase, cheerful songs fill the house.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 25.6 “x 9” x 16»
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Weight: 15.3 lbs.

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MELISSA & DOUG FOLD AND GO dollhouse for toddler girl

toddler dollhouseThis wooden dollhouse for toddler girl will be a wonderful gift for your child. It has everything you need for a fun role-playing game: rooms, furniture, and themed accessories. This is a portable wooden dollhouse for toddler girl that has work doors and includes 11 pieces of wooden furniture as well as 2 dolls.

 The wooden dollhouse for toddler girl has been designed with a working front door and garage that are easy to open and close.

 The house has sturdy carrying handles. A colorful and bright house, it will delight your little ones.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 13.13 “x 10.63” x 6.13»
  2. Material: Wood
  3. Weight: 4.65 lbs.
  4. Easy to assemble

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toddler dollhouseWhen the little ones receive this toddler doll houses as a gift, they will discover several rooms filled with realistic features and many practical games. As children explore the house they will hear funny songs, sounds, and phrases. All of these sounds will help out around the house, take care of your animal friends, and even promote healthy habits. Sung songs and funny phrases teach children how to work together, play together, help others, demeanor, and kindness. With simple shapes and a familiar home theme, kids can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. The house will create a wonderful fairy-tale world for kids and will delight both children and adults.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 6 “x 28” x 16»
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Weight: 5.2 lbs.

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toddler dollhouseA charming toddler doll house will not leave any little girl indifferent. The toddler doll house is made of wood, non-toxic paints are used for the coating. The dollhouse consists of four floors with 8 rooms. The house is made in pastel colors, and each room is decorated in an individual style. The set includes 35 pieces of furniture – doll beds, tables, and chairs, there is even a piano. There is an elegant staircase between the floors. The house is large enough to accommodate a large doll family. The Kid Kraft Majestic Mansion toddler doll house will be a great gift for your child, your girl will be able to play story games with her friends, as well as put on whole performances. Your child will learn to be sociable and consistent, this game will help develop creative thinking and bring joy to your child.

Why we like  it:

  1. For children from 3 years old
  2. Dollhouse for dolls 30 cm
  3. 4 floors
  4. 8 rooms
  5. Material: wood, MDF, plastic, cloth
  6. Size: 121 x 34 x 135 cm
  7. Weight: 30KG

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KidKraft Sweet Savannah Wooden Pretend Play toddlers dolls house

toddler dollhouseIf your little one has a lot of dolls, this toddlers dolls house is perfect, because it has three floors and the rooms face two sides, only 10 rooms. The toddlers dolls house can be turned in any direction. It can be easily twisted or moved around the room. The house does not have external walls, so all rooms are accessible. The set includes: a house, 46 pieces of colorful, hand-painted furniture and is ideal for dolls up to 30 cm. The toddlers dolls house is made in a modern style, bright, colorful and so big that several girls or a whole kindergarten can play in it at once. Rooms are located on all sides of the house. 1st floor: kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room. Second floor: bedroom and lounge. Third floor: bathroom, nursery, baby room, study. The house is very bright, colorful, and very stylish. This is a real luxury toddlers dolls house with all the necessary furniture inside.

Why we like  it:

  1. Dimensions: 35.38 “x 28.25” x 46.5
  2. Material: high- quality wood and fabric
  3. Weight: 69.1 lbs.
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Age: from 3 years old

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Barbie Dreamhouse

toddler dollhouseThis is a luxurious dollhouse every girl dreams about. It’s ideal for any kind of game, as it has an enormous amount of 7 rooms, over seventy accessories, and even a real-looking elevator. 

This is a great option, for those parents who are looking for something special for their kids, This model even has an aquarium that makes real sounds. in this house, you can even install a ‘flat screen TV’ using your smartphone. 

Classic rooms with modern designs include:

  • first-floor entryway and kitchen
  • the second-floor dining room and bathroom (with pet room between)
  • third-floor living room, bedroom, and walk-in closet

this house suites best for children of 3 years and above. If you have younger kids you should keep them away from the house, as there are plenty of tiny details that can be dangerous for young kids.

Be mindful that barbie dolls are not included

Why we like  it:

  • You won’t need any special tools, to build it
  • The size is huge
  • Kids adore this house, max fun with all the lights and accessories

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Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle 

toddler dollhouseA huge dollhouse inspired by the famous and loved by everyone Frozen cartoon. Your child will be amazed by the size and features of this dream castle.  It is designed, including eleven fantastic, really detailed pieces of furniture.  Another great thing about this castle is that is made from eco materials, that are absolutely safe for your kid. This model would suit kids over 3 years old, as there are many tiny details. 

This dollhouse is truly a wonderful gift for any occasion, it will make your child’s eyes shine with happiness and joy. And trust me, this will make them busy for a long time and free you some time for yourself

Why we like it :

  • Durable and quality  material
  • Safe construction
  • Excellent idea, a lot of unique details 
  • Nine rooms, a lot of accessories, and even light-up toys

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If you’re short on budget, I want to share a cool video of how to build an awesome dollhouse using paper boxes at home. 

We hope this list of toddler dollhouses helped you find the right one for your little one!