Top 15 Best Montessori toys for 2 year olds

Looking for an enjoyable and at the same time educational present for a toddler? Right here are presented the best 15 Montessori toys for toddlers to offer on any kind of event.

What Is The Montessori Method?

The Montessori Approach in raising kids was developed by Maria Montessori, MD, in 1897, and so far is gaining more and more popularity all over the world. The main idea of this method is to inspire kids, provide with tools and give them an opportunity for self-development and self-education at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

What Are Montessori Toys for toddlers?

Owing to impressive results in natural kid’s development more and more families ready to embrace this lifestyle fully or to implement at least some parts of it yet, if you don’t understand much about this approach, it can be quite challenging to recognize if you are choosing good and proper Montessori toys for 2 years olds.

 Montessori educational toys for toddlers are:

– Always realistic as they are more effective in learning the real world.
– Toys that are made from natural materials- usually wood.

– Toys that stimulate action, especially to common practical tasks such as doing the dishes, sweeping, folding clothes.

– Aimed to teach specific things according to proper milestones (fine motor skills, language development, sensory perception etc).

These simple rules help to be on the right track.

Best Montessori toys for toddlers.

Do not worry if you are still a little lacking in motivation since I’ve done all the effort for you and also compiled this terrific listing of Montessori toys for 1 year old and 2 year olds, however, most of them can serve for much longer periods and be interesting educational toys for 3 year olds as well.

1. Wooden Rainbow Blocks.

Kids of different ages starting from 1 year old will absolutely love this vibrant, wooden rainbow stacking toy that can create countless numbers of various shapes, patterns and tunnels.
It’s truly excellent for young kids to help them learn all about colors and also pattern recognition while trying to rebuild the rainbow or other structures. During such activities children develop   hand-eye control and creativity.


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2. Early Learning Basic Life skills with a Montessori Busy Board

Dressing boards are terrific for teaching kids useful life skills like using zippers and tying laces. Such activities are perfect for fine motor skills and therefore essential in natural child development. It will also prepare little ones for all the obstacles concerning dressing or opening a door and make them feel more independent. It’s great to have such thing in the car as it gets kids busy for a long time.


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3.Wavy River Stepping Stones.

Although it’s better to choose natural materials, yet these bumpy river stones are an excellent tool that can be used both inside and outside as a fun way to develop essential skills of coordination and balance.

This version has a more affordable price in comparison to other materials


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4. Matryoshka Dolls

Children love playing with these dolls and can stay preoccupied for a long time. They help kids to learn all about sizes and develop fine motor skills. The variety of Russian dolls is so vast. Some are bright and colorful while others are blank. The last variant can be even painted by older toddlers. All kids will love such a present.


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5. Color Resemblance Sorting Task.

Color matching are basic games introduced in the Montessori method at the early age of 1.5-2 years old. Such activities are one of the best ways to learn colors. This game can be used with children who don’t talk yet. The most important part here is to learn to see the differences and similarities in colors. It’s not an issue if they name the colors incorrectly from time to time as kids can confuse color words until they are three.


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6. Wooden Montessori Standing Tower .

It is vital to get children involved in helping grownups while cooking or washing the dishes as it is the best and most natural way for kid’s development. The Montessori method outlines the importance of doing it every day on a regular basis.  Such activities bring joy and raise children as independent individuals.  This standing tower is a must to have in every house with a child.


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7.Wooden Cylinder Socket Building Blocks Set.

The wooden cylinder set can be introduced to children starting from 1,5 years old. It helps them to learn to recognize sizes, concentrate and develop fine motor skills. There is also a colorful version but this one is more challenging and, therefore, will be used for a much longer period as an educational toy.


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8.Tracker Ball Haze

An amazing and fun way to get your child busy for a while and at the same time developing fine motor skills, concentration and logical thinking. The game would be be suitable for the little ones starting from 1 year old. After a while kids love using not just the balls from the set, but also small cars, bids and other items.


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9. Colored Balls and Cups

 This game is one more great option for training color matching. It also develops balance and fine motor skills. The set can be used for kids starting from 1 year old.


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10. Haba Building Blocks

While building a house, a castle or the whole city kids develop creativity, logical thinking and fine motor skills. This is a great investment as the set is made of high-quality materials and can be used for many years starting from 1 up to 8 years old.


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 11. Melissa & Dough Cleaning Set

It’s essential in Montessori method to get kids involved in practical life activities – it’s the best way for their brain development. According to the Montessori ideas the age where it is easier and better to learn cleaning up after yourself is 0-3 years old. Moreover, children can be preoccupied with cleaning for a long time. This gives an opportunity for grownups to enjoy a cup of tea meanwhile. Therefore, this amazing child-sized set is a perfect gift for kids and their parents.


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12.Wooden Geoboard.

Kids love to stretch the hair-crunches over the pegs. Such activities develop fine motor skills and gradually older toddlers start making patterns according to the tasks on cards or their imagination. It is a great way to learn the basics of plane geometry. If the youngest isn’t interested in the game, as the first step you can ask them to make a fence on the ages of the board for farm animals and involve miniature toys for such role-playing.


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13. Sound Cylinders Sound Boxes

Refinement of the senses is an important sensitive period of growing we don’t want to miss. Each cylinder makes different sounds. Some are soft while others are quite lound. Therefore, kids need to listen intently. This game is a good way to develop concentration.


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 14.Animal figures

Kids love using these realistic animal figures in numerous role-play. At the same time, they can learn a lot about wild life and play matching/missing games etc. These animals are an endless source of inspiration and an absolute must-have in every house.


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15.Musical Toys.

Playing musical instruments help to build more pathways in brain. It enhances coordination, develop concentration and sense of rhythm. This set will be a perfect gift for absolutely all 1-3 years old kids.


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