As children leave their crib and move to a big kid bed, they need a fine pillow in order to help them get the calm night’s sleep they need to deal with all the challenges of their progressively busy life and of the growth they are tasting every day. Obviously, all parents want to find the best toddler pillow to fulfill all the requirements.

As that large baby bed is kid-sized – as in little much more than the larger one they will move up to in a few years – the perfect pillows for small kids are those that are sized for their smaller bunks and their smaller heads and will help support baby’s head, neck and shoulders while helping keep them safe while they rest.

There is a rising number of kids pillows on offer now, so many in fact that it can make selection the true one rather difficult. To assist you, we have analyzed some of the best surveyed and best selling of these offers to present this shortlist of Top-5 pillows for children. Mind, all of the kids pillows on this roster are the best for toddlers aged 2-6 years. When choosing a pillow, don’t forget about a plush toy your child can sleep with, for example a unicorn

You can also find bellow our top-list of the kids pillows on the offer today.

1. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

What You’ll Fond of It: Gentle 100% cotton used across construction creates a pillow that gets more relaxing with every use.

As an adult you of course had pillows that even after long use still felt comfortable and so you didn’t want to change it, as they seemed ideal. This, in accordance with a huge amount of positive parent reviewers on Amazon – more than 5,000 of them – is exactly what this pillow supplies for kids.

Devised from 100% cotton and absolutely hypoallergenic the pillow is developed following both a sleeping style and baby’s weight to become more and more comfortable in course of time. And if the pillow does not turn up to be enough good for your child – if it seems understuffed or over for kids tastes – the fabricator’s “love your pillow’s fluff or we will altering it” guarantees replaces it with a personalized version free of charge.

Pros: All pure cotton, can be personalized, very highly reviewed.

Cons: In opinion of many parents, the fact that the company does not produce an adult variant!



2.Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow

What You’ll Fond of It: This pillow is chiropractor advised and delivered with a money back guarantee.

Designed to be the ‘ideal first pillow’, the Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow is recommendable for use by children aged 2 to 6 years old and is sized to fit the regular kids bed. One of the main things that many parents bother about when looking for a kid’s pillow is that it will be overfull, as an overfulled pillow may not provide correct neck support and may even pose a choking risk for the smallest kids.

This pillow, by parent reviews, is exactly right though, containing just quite hypoallergenic poly cotton filling to be relaxing and the fact that the materials used are natural is something else that is good for parents choice. They report everywhere that their babies slept good when using the pillow and marked that the contained pillowcase was a plus as well. One more good sign? It’s one of the top reviewed pillows on Amazon, it is more than 4,000 positive reviews.

Pros: Ideally sized for little heads – and smaller beds – and made from natural materials.

Cons: In some parents opinion, the pillow does not washing well.



3.Little One’s Pillow

What You’ll Fond of It: extremely gentle handmade organic option that is at low cost.

It is unbelievable, but this handmade kids pillow Little One’s Pillow is available via outlets like Amazon in this day. By making use of a 100% cotton external shell and a proprietary fiber mix of polyester designed to never make ‘lumpy’ for the fill parents notice that this pillow is extremely soft and helped their baby ‘sleep cooler’ as well.

Even though the pillows are delivered with an usual medium support fill, if after using it for a while the baby feels to need a little more – or a little less – stuffing, it can be changed for the better one.

Pros: unusually soft, can be personalized.

Cons: May not be quite hard for an older kids.


4.A Little Pillow Company

What You’ll Fond of It: Funny look and a more hard shell means this is an ideal pillow on road trips and to take to daycare as well as to use at home.

The home bed is not the only place where many kids would like to use their own beautiful, supported pillow. Break times at preschool or daycare are happened, and toddlers often spend much time in the auto, and having a great pillow in these situations is a must as well.

The colorful, funny designs featured on this hard pillow are what many parents mostly love, but many also comment on how comfortable it seems and the fact that it can be washed easily and does not need a special pillowcase is another great plus for number of Mums and Dads.

Pros: Take wherever you want this fun pillow that is lasting and easy to care for.

Cons: There were several parents reports about ‘too puffy’ pillow for their baby’s individual taste.



5.Snuggle-Pedic Toddler and Kids Pillow

What You’ll Fond of It: Bamboo provides keep cooler toddlers who sleep hot and wards off dust.

Bamboo and memory foam have got high grades in adult sleeping goods for some time now, and now they start to make their way into children bedding as well, with bamboo and this crushed memory foam contained baby pillow.

The pillow is developed for toddlers who are allergic to feathers or fuzz (and some are) and for those babies who like a somewhat firmer pillow as well. The memory foam used is crushed, so it is not as hard as that found in adults’ memory foam pillows, and many perfect parent reviews report that it is firm but gentle and holds its shape very good, even after long time of use. Some of them have even been so wondered with the pillow they have bought also one for their own use, especially because they liked how perfect it stayed.

Pros: Ideal for keeping kids cool and for those allergic to other raw.

Cons: May be too hard for some babies’ taste.


What is Essential When Buying a Toddler Pillow For Your Kid

The babies pillows we have looked at this review are some of the best offering and best evaluated at the moment but, as you will research as you begin to shop they are not the only variant by far. So how do you make the perfect choice for your kid, especially as you are purely responsible for their safety, comfort and health?

You can find bellow several pointers to help you as you shopping for the perfect baby pillow for your kiddy.

Are You Sure That Your Child Need a Pillow Yet?

Decenniads ago parents wrongly considered that babies and very young toddlers gained from the wellbeing of having a pillow in their crib like older children and adults did. Even so, as more became known about the terrible SIDS phenomenon that is  – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – it becomes obvious that pillows for kids may be a problem.

Corresponding to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), between 1992 and 2010 there were about 700 fatal outcomes with infants 12 months and less because of pillows in their sleeping place, so it is now the total recommendation that they never be put into a crib.

It means that children don’t need a pillow until they ‘move’ to a toddler bed, that usually happened about the age of 2, which matches with the fact that majority kids pillows are developed only for using by kids aged 2 and elder. So, if your baby is under that years, they don’t require a pillow quite yet.


Baby’s Pillow Sizing

Some parents are interested why they can’t simply use a ordinary pillow on a toddler sleeping place. Mostly, because the pillow is just too large and not only could that pose a little choking risk but it just won’t help them with the shoulder, head and neck backing they need as well. This assistance is vital, not only for their relaxing but also as they are growing quickly and their expanding muscles and bones need to be alined right from early on.

Mostly the ideal size for babies is a pillow that is about 13-14 inches by 9-10 inches. This gives kids place to move around without ‘falling off’ the pillow however not so much additional space that they loose assistance.


Fill Type

Mostly children pillows you can find now still make use of a polyester mix for their filling. This is a perfect choice as it allows producers to assure the pillow is hypoallergenic (another important thing, no children can get a calm night’s sleep if they sneeze) and that it is firm and will hold its shape good.

If you look above to our list you could remember a memory foam pillow including into the top 5. Opting for one of these instead is absolutely safe, at the same time doing so should be counted a little experimental, as there are toddlers do find them a little too hard. Like in the case with adults, it’s a matter of priority and most little children will have few troubles telling you whether or not they like their pillow if you take the time to be interested about.

Cover Type

Cotton is the most distributed choice for babies pillows and for an important reason. As an all organic material it is mild and will only become softer after washing and it is also allergen resistant and lasting. Some toddlers pillows are now made of bamboo versus cotton as an alternative, as it also is lasting and soft but has built in antibacterial qualities that some parents may feel well about ‘having around’.



Even as they are not most expensive pillows you could buy for your children you do want the purchase to serve you for a long time. Till when should you be hoping? The average lifetime of a pillow should be near 1-2 years.


Ease of Care

as you know, children are messy. They spill drinks in bed (even if told not to take drinks and food to bed). They could spill something on their sleeping place when playing.

Pillows can be in the way, and therefore end up messy as well, so it’s important that the baby pillow you buy be as easy to take care of as possible.

There are children pillows you can wash, and some are even developed for using with unless a pillowcase, as they already have a more hard, washable cover added. If you plan to use the pillow at home only than a pillowslip is good – particularly as they give you a possibility to move the theme of your baby bedding simply – but if your children takes a pillow out with them – in the car, to daycare, over to their grandparents place – a pillowslip free baby pillow would be the best choosing in terms of simplicity of care.