Changing the diapers at night can be stressful for you and your kid. Lights on, you are trying to be quiet and quick, but everything goes wrong, your baby is shouting and you don’t know the reason. The dreams are gone because of cold and unpleasant wipes. And here you are holding your baby at 4 am trying to cradle him, but nothing helps. One small detail can absolutely change your nights. The answer is a wipe warmer! The Wipe warmer minimizes the risk of sleepless nights. The warm wipes don’t annoy the baby. It helps to relax and enjoy the diaper changing. No more screaming and crying. Wipe warmer gives you calm nights and good sleep for your baby. With the help of wipes warmer review we made top list of the best wipe warmers.

1.Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

Some children can be irritated on cold wipes and this can prevent the peaceful night dreams. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser is the best choice for you. It’s a plastic box with built-in wipe warmer that fits almost all models of wipes. The nice feature is the small night-light. You don’t need a separate lamp, so it saves space on your baby changing table. Also, it works automatically and turns off in 10 minutes. A certain device provides the correct wipe warmer to the body temperature, so you should not be worry about too hot or too dry wipes. This wipe warmer can accommodate 80 diaper wipes. The minus is that the wipes at the bottom are not the same temperature that higher layers, so you need to check it before using.

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2.The Bela Beno Baby Wipe Warmers

If you want your baby to stay calm and sleepy during late night diaper changes, choose The Bela Beno Baby Wipe Warmers. It has the innovative design that allows wet wipe warmers to stay moist. It won’t irritate the sensitive baby skin and will help to relax. The great plus is that you can charge it both at home and in the car. So it gives the opportunity to travel and don’t be worry about diaper changing.  Another advantage is bottle warmer. Say goodbye to long night feeding, your bottle with milk is warm for the whole night. The great plus is the silicone rim, so you can regulate it to different sizes of bottles.

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3.Munchkin Warm Glow warmer

Munchkin Warm Glow warmer is one of the best wipe warmers for children. It has a big storage for 100 diaper wipes, which fits almost every model of wipes. If you want to check the number of wipes, you do not need to open it every time. This amazing wipe warmer has a small window in the front part, so it’s comfortable to check how many wipes are inside the warmer. Also, it has a flip-top lid, it makes easier to refill the pack with wipes. This wipe warmer has light weight and compact size, which allows you to take it on trips. The great advantage is low-voltage, so it’s energy-efficient. The night light works for 10 minutes and automatically turns off.

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4.Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

The Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer is a bestseller among the customers. This wipe warmer is good as for disposable and for cloth wipes. The main feature is antimicrobial pillow that prevents the germs and keeps the wipes wet and moist for long time. This Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer has a pleasant night-light, which helps you to change the diapers without rush. The light doesn’t turn off, so it’s like a lighthouse in a dark room. You can easily find it and don’t make noise crashing into the furniture. The construction of the wipe warmer allows you to clean it quickly. The design is pretty simple and it perfectly fits to your baby’s room.

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5. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

The main difference between Prince Lionheart and Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer is that the last one has EPA anti-microbial additive feature. Such feature protects from bacteria. You can be sure that your baby won’t have any infections. One more advantage of Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer is a replaceable cushion. It stays fresh all the time and helps the wipes to be moist. Also, it prevents the bacterial expansion. As the previous model, this one has a nightlight too, so it’s not a problem to change the diapers at night. This wipe warmer has a bottom-up function, so you can put the whole pack of wipes and warm it up to the right temperature. It usually takes about 3 hours. The storage is for 100 disposable baby wipes. If you use cloth wipes, it can handle 16 pieces. Due to low-voltage, we can safely say that this wipe warmer is energy-efficient.

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6. Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmers

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmers is one more amazing model from Prince Lionheart that won the hearts of thousand of parents. It has a great feature of EPA antimicrobial additives just like previous model. So this wipe warmer gives the protection from bacteria. Your baby is free from any infections.  Similar to the Prince Lionheart Ultimate, The Prince Lionheart Premium wipe warmer has an ever-fresh pillow, which prevents the wipes from browning and helps them to stay moist and fresh all the time. You can use the wipes any time you need, and they will remain in great shape. The big plus is that you don’t need to add water like other models. If you’re afraid of diaper rashes, don’t be worry, this wipe warmer is made of polypropylene material.

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7.Prince Lionheart Compact wipes warmer

We surely recommend you Prince Lionheart Compact wipes warmer from Prince Lionheart. As you can see from our top list, this brand is number one on the market. The main feature of is model is portability. It perfectly fits for those parents, who like to travel or get used to active lifestyle. Its small size and charging system allows you to take it almost everywhere. The design makes this warmer portable and you can easily put it into your elegant bag. The storage can handle 30 pieces of any brand of wipes with standard size. The wipes will remain moist and fresh for long time. The EPA antimicrobial additive prevents from the bacteria growth. This wipe warmer has 3 colors, so you can choose which one is for you.

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8.SWIDEN ELECTRIC Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

Let us explain the reasons we put this wipe warmer into our top list. Its small size and ideal design allows you to take it during the walks with your baby. It can hold about 80 wet wipes. It’s enough to change the diapers during travels. The charge is very simple. Everything you need is car cigarette lighter. The baby wipes warmer keeps the comfortable temperature for wipes not to irritate the sensitive baby skin. It also has the soft nightlight which is turned on enough time to change the diapers late in the night. You do not need to turn it off, it goes automatically. One of the useful features is A+D rash ointment, which helps your baby to avoid the diaper rash.

The Wipe warmers are real friends for each family. You can easily use it after feeding your baby and don’t scary your baby with freezing wipes. Also, the late-night diaper changing is not a problem anymore. Your baby does not wake up if you use soft and warm wipes. They take care of baby’s delicate body.

We hope that our top-list helps you to make a right decision. Don’t forget to take into consideration 3 main features while choosing: lighting, portability and safety. We guarantee that you’ll be happy in parenthood with wipe warmer, because the health of your baby plays one of the important roles in life.

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Things to Look For In a Best Baby Wipe Warmer


Warmers for baby wipes should be equipped by light for changing the diapers late in the night. The last thing you should do while changing the diapers is to switch on the bright light right into your baby’s eyes. It can irritate and lead to shouting and crying.  Almost every wipe warmer has this important feature. Some of them can turn off automatically after 5-10 minutes. That’s enough to change the diapers.  But if you need more time at night, buy the wipe warmer with the switcher, so you can control the light by yourself.


If you are an active parent and you travel with your baby, the primary thing you should take into consideration is the portability of the wipe warmer. The number of things for kids for travelling is increasing every year. So the compact size and the charging system play an essential role in choosing the wipe warmer. It should have a car adapter, which allows you to charge the wipe wiper anywhere.


To ensure that your child is safe, you should know how it functions. A perfect baby wipe warmer should have such features as antimicrobial and bacteria additives not to let the microorganism expansion. Another important feature is the temperature warming. The wipes should not be too hot to hurt the baby, and should not be too cold to irritate the sensitive skin.

Also pay attention on the material which the warmers are made of. Try not to economize the money and buy the cheapest variant.  The best choice is high-quality product that serves you for long time.